Weekly Warm-up!

img_20574Happy Monday, Friends of CK!

You know how certain songs can just whisk you back to a very specific moment? That’s how the song “Borderline” by Madonna is for me. I vividly remember a lovely walk on a spectacular Michigan summer day, among country creeks and cornstalks, skipping along to that catchy tune . . .

Today, we invite you to embrace the borderline in your projects. Particularly, we propose that you get creative with border rub-ons, just like our technique guru, Jennifer McGuire, does in her column on p. 47 of the April issue of Creating Keepsakes. Try one of Jennifer’s suggestions:

  • Add border rub-ons to plain ribbon.
  • Apply rows of border rub-ons to create your own patterned paper.
  • Use border rub-ons to create journaling lines.
  • Decorate a die-cut shape with a border rub-on outline.
  • Apply a border rub-on along a curved edge.
  • Accentuate border rub-ons with gems.
  • Decorate craft supplies with rub-ons.

Or, come up with your own inventive use for border rub-ons. And don’t forget to share your projects in our online gallery. Check out just some of the snazzy products that manufacturers are offering:


Border rub-ons by: GCD Studios, Hambly Screen Prints, Jenni Bowlin Studio, K& Company, Kaisercraft, Maya Road and Rob and Bob Studio, Provo Craft.

Finally-wow! We really enjoyed all your Irish toasts and blessings…what a great smile-inducer last week. The LUCKY winner of our green giveaway? None other than the lovely Teresa M., who shared this little ditty:

May the Irish hills caress you
May her lakes and rivers bless you
May the luck of the Irish enfold you
May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you

 Teresa, please send us your address to bopel@ckmedia.com so we can get your green goodies in the mail!

Back row, L to R: Matt Anderson, Brian Tippetts, Jennifer Schaerer, Janice Barfuss, Andrew Johnson; Center: Lori Fairbanks, Susan Opel, Jennafer Martin, Maurianne Dunn, Neko Carrillo, Brittany Beattie; Front, standing: Carma Calder, Joannie McBride, Beth Opel, Erin Bayless, Cath Edvalson; Front, kneeling: Kim Blackinton, P. Kelly Smith, Brandy Jesperson, Megan Hoeppner, Brenda Peterson.

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Beth Opel

Senior Writer, Creating Keepsakes

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