weekly warm-up!

img_20577Happy Monday, CK Blog Chums!

Can you smell it? Spring is wafting its lovely aroma across the land. Even if winter is gamely hanging on in some parts, we can’t help but feel energized and hopeful. If you’re like me, you’re probably itching to fling open the windows and air out your space. You’re dying to get scrubbing and polishing and springifying. You’re longing to toss out some excess and get your stuff in order.

Uh, not so energetic? OK, I understand that I’m a little manic in my love for organization. Perhaps you don’t share my passion for tidying and straightening. So let’s do this:

Today, why don’t you tackle ONE thing?

scraproomOne drawer.

One shelf.

One type of supply.

One box.

That’s doable, isn’t it?

If you need some organization ideas, don’t forget to check out our monthly column, Creative Spaces. In our April issue, Scrapbooker of the Year Mandy Douglass provides lots of tips for making the most of small areas. Read all about it on p. 56.

 Start small. Baby steps, people. We just bet you’ll feel inspired to get creating!

 Beth Opel

Senior Writer, Creating Keepsakes

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8 Responses to weekly warm-up!

  1. readmorebooks says:

    Ok–one file drawer…I’m starting today!

  2. I’ll do my best, but I don’t think I would describe the smallest mess in my scrapping space as “SMALL?” Thanks for the inspiration. Those cool bins in that pic sure look handy.

  3. Linda Beeson says:

    “You’re dying to get scrubbing and polishing and springifying.”

    Excuse me – NO!!! Dying to get scrubbing isn’t part of my makeup!!! I want to take more photos of the amazing flowers and get scrapping!

  4. Joni says:

    Thanks for the awesome motivation! I actually tackled my mess of scrapbooking supplies and cleared a lot of stuff out. Everything is in little drawers now that are LABELED… so hopefully it will stay that way, ha ha!

  5. Linda P says:

    New home, new space, hubby is hanging shelves as I type. Hmmm. Can’t wait to get totally set up again, but I think organization is always an ongoing challenge. So far nothing has worked very well for me with punches. Too many to toss in buckets, too ugly to do a shoe bag, I think this time I will try having them lined up in a closed cabinet by category. Unless, that is that I can find something different that would work better. :)

  6. Anne S says:

    Thanks for the motivation.
    Where did you get those great 12×12 plastic box inside the shelves ?

  7. Roz E says:

    Anne S: Those are Art Bins and they’re wonderful for organizing projects and papers. I have all my Christmas papers and embellishments in one, for example.

  8. Gail S says:

    Linda P. In a website somwhere I have seen a chrome & clear towel rack that is attached to the wall & punches have been hung on this. it looked cute. You could make a ribbon bow at tye on the ends to “dress it up a little”

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