Special Guest Blogger: Allison Davis

AllisonDavis-NEWHello!  I’m Allison Davis, member of the 2008 and 2009 CK Dream Team. I’m super excited to be the guest blogger this week! :)

I am a two-page, multiphoto kinda gal. Mostly because I take too many pictures and have way too much to say for any other format.

I try to fit lots of pictures on my layouts. This can be blamed on my complete lack of control over the photo selection process. It’s just so hard to narrow it down to only a few!

Sometimes (and by sometimes I really mean all the time), I can get a little photo crazy and leave myself without a spot or enough room for my journaling. Of course, I could remove a picture or two, but at times that just doesn’t seem possible. Each picture I have chosen for that layout is important to me and is important to the story. In these situations I instead create a little booklet for my journaling. One teeny little spot on my page can be transformed into unlimited journaling space.

AD-brotherly page

"Brotherly Bond" by Allison Davis

 Here’s how I created the journaling booklet (lower left corner of right page above) on my layout:

1. First, cut several different lengths of cardstock. All of mine are 3″ in height and 6″, 5 1/2″, and 5″ in width. (The two pieces for the cover and the first page are both 5″ wide.) AD-cut paper

2. Use decorative-edge punches on the ends of each piece. I used a corner rounder on one, and then three different edge punches on the remaining pieces. AD-punch edges

3. Ink the edges of each piece. I did this so the design of the decorative edge would stand out. AD-stamp cover

4. Embellish the cover. I stamped on mine and added a torn piece of patterned paper, some stitching and stickers. AD-lucky album

5. Fold the edges of each piece, except the bottom one. I folded mine over about 1/2″. By folding the edges first, you know exactly what space you have for your journaling. AD-finished

6. Add your journaling on each page, making sure that you don’t go inside the fold line. AD-journaling

7. Add adhesive to the folded edge and adhere the journaling book together. I would suggest a strong adhesive, since the book will need to stand up to being opened and closed.AD-adhesive

This little journaling book is also great for a page with a very personal message—one that you might not want everyone to read. The other great thing is that you can add as many pages as you need to fit the amount of journaling you have.

I hope that this space saving journaling solution will work for you the next time you have trouble fitting everything onto your layout! Have a great day and happy creating! :)


For more two-page scrappin’ ideas from Allison, visit her blog and check out her layouts in  Creating Keepsakes.

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21 Responses to Special Guest Blogger: Allison Davis

  1. Jan says:

    Love the idea and, as usual, beautiully executed but how do you fit this in a page protector?

  2. Nicole says:

    Hey, this is a great idea, I luv it. Nice layout.

  3. vicdd says:

    SUPER DUPER WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Denise says:

    Love the layout, have some pictures of my new grandson that would be perfect. I’ll probably use it this weekend.

  5. Debbie says:

    Love the project, and love the edger punches. What an awesome page!

  6. Jan, this would totally fit inside a page protector. If you’re concerned about it being accessible to be read, just cut a slit at the left end of the little book and overlap it onto the outside of the page protector. :)

  7. AnnaMarie says:

    Thanks for this idea! I’m the same kind of scrapper (too many pictures to scrap!) so this’ll be something I use for sure. I love the different edges on your little book, too. What a great use for those edgers!

  8. Great layout Allison. I am a scrapper just like you, love two-page layouts as I always have lots of photos to include.

    I am the official “family photographer” and have hardly any photos taken of myself over the years.

    Through scrapbooking, I have learnt to hand the camera over with the instructions to “take one of me please”.

    Many thanks for sharing a little of yourself.

  9. Jennifer Larson says:

    That is a terrific idea. I especially love the different border punches used.

  10. Allison, thanks so much for this tutorial! I scrap like you– tons of pictures, little space for anything else. I’m going to try your book idea later today when my daughter naps :)

  11. fabulous ideas as always Allison! :) Your boys are the cutest!

  12. Steffanie S. says:

    Love your style, Allison! I find I’m always attracted to your lo’s and dog-ear all the pages in my CK mag that they appear on. Love 2 page multi-photo lo’s! I, too, have a hard time narrowing down my photos! And the booklet is adorable—for any occasion! TFS

  13. Tina Sholar says:

    I love the layout. I like the way you use lots of pictures. I am going to try this with my grandsons pictures.

  14. Linda Abel says:

    I love your pages. I loved the stamped cover and the decorative edges. It looks like you added a little brown ink???? When I get my CK Magazine each month, I flip through first to look for your pages. You have the style I love.

  15. Linda, yes there is a little bit of brown ink mixed in. That was actually one of those good accidents. Love those! There was a little bit of brown ink still on the stamp from the last time I used it. I didn’t think it would mix in with the blue when I stamped it but it did. :)

  16. Winter says:

    I always love your LO’s and this is no exception! The journaling book is an awesome idea, and can be made to fit any situation…size, shape, color! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  17. Andrea Amu says:

    Love your 2 pagers, Allison, and this is such a cute journaling idea!

  18. veronicakoz says:

    I love this! Thanks for sharing with us!

  19. Kim Watson says:

    Fabulous idea Allison…thanks for the tips! Oh BTW your boys are so darn cute!!

  20. kristen says:

    love that hidden journaling! i’m a 2-pager, lots of pics girl as well…thanks for the hint!

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