Trend Talk: Ruffles

-Megan Hoeppner, creative editor, and Lori Fairbanks, editor

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8 Responses to Trend Talk: Ruffles

  1. Mou says:

    CUTE, as usual. Thanks for including my page here Ladies :)
    And now I got to get me some ruffled chips!!!

  2. Suzy Plantamura says:

    You guys are hilarious – this is such a cute post. And I love love love that page by Mou – how darling that is! Suzy

  3. piradee says:

    love this post, especially the dose of the ruffled chips! thanks for the inspirations :)

  4. Candace B. says:

    Hysterical! Thanks for making me smile!

  5. Saleena scrapping in AK says:

    Very cute, just the chuckle we needed to end March & start Arpril! Thanks ladies 

  6. Anna Lance says:

    I love the E-I-E-I-O Collection. It would be PERFECT for my son. It’s his favorite song! He can quack like the duck and bark like the dog. :)

  7. charli says:

    Love the ruffles!

  8. Love it, love it! Ruffles rock! Happy New Year.

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