Creativity Heals

Hello to all of you happy scrappers! As part of our Creativity Heals campaign, this month we’re spotlighting two groups that are helping others through scrapbooking.

Have you ever wanted to scrapbook for charity or to donate supplies, but you haven’t known where to go or whom to donate to? Well, those days are over! Charity Scrapbook Buddies is a Facebook group that was set up to get the word out about crops and other scrapbook functions that help those in need. All you have to do to let others know about an event is to post a discussion thread detailing the event name, location, cost, and date. There may be an event happening soon near you. Check it out!

Another group scrapping to help those in need is Crops of Luv, a nonprofit organization founded to create scrapbooks for children who have been granted a wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona. You can help these children and their families remember their fun times by participating in a Crops of Luv crop or by donating items.  For example, check out the projects senior editor Kim Jackson made as part of an album the Creating Keepsakes team put together.

To learn what items are needed, check out this article or visit

—Dorathy Gilchrist, associate editor

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  1. Linda B. says:

    Thank you for this post Dorathy! I’ve been wondering what to do with some of the children themed paper/embellishments I have, and do not use very much of of. This will be perfect for me to donate some of my excess stash to.

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