Pretty Spooky Looks for Your Halloween Layouts

Halloween is just around the corner! While you’re planning your costume and your holiday home décor, why not pick up some scrapbook supplies to match!  You’ll be all ready to get started on your Halloween layouts as soon as you print your photos. This year, we can’t get enough of elegantly eerie Halloween designs, and we love how it looks on layouts like these:

Vampira by Jill Marie Paulson, as seen in the October 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

Notice how the pretty black flowers, white on black text print, and red accents bring Victorian-infused drama to this Halloween-themed layout by Jill Marie Paulson.

Our Haunted House by Suzy Plantamura, as seen in the October 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine

The fancy frames and formal fireplace mantel on this layout by Suzy Plantamura give this layout a foreboding aura.

See more pretty spooky layouts and products on our website and in the October 2010 issue.

If you love this look you’re in luck because there are several pretty spooky Halloween lines on the market. Here are a couple of products you’ll want to be sure to check out!

  • Anna Griffin’s delightfully dark Esmerelda collection. Get it in time for Halloween! The Esmerelda Kit includes the entire collection, one of each embellishment and two of each paper. The kit is $39.95 with free shipping and ships the second week in October.

  • Pink Paislee’s bewitching Hocus Pocus line.  Elegant scrolls and flourishes meet skeletons and spiders. A fun twist to the design of this line is that the palette is a little bit lighter than you might expect for a Halloween collection, yet it’s still delightfully spooky.

  • Creative Imaginations’ spectacularly sinister Wicked line. This black and cream line incorporates ravens, bats, skeletons, spiderwebs, black cats and devilishly gothic fonts.

  • Stampin’ Up!’s Nite Owl patterned papers and Raven 1/2″ lace trim. Not only are these papers pretty spooky, they’re also fun. Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “The Raven” serves as fill text on one design, and another provides Bingo cards with Halloween words.

Want to win a sampling of these pretty spooky products? We’ve got a set to give away! Leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite Halloween costume or party décor. We’ll draw a random comment next week—be sure to check the Giveaways tab to see if you’ve won!

–Lori Fairbanks, editor

p.s. Also be sure to enter the Pretty Spooky Sweepstakes. Hurry, contest ends October 31, 2010.

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97 Responses to Pretty Spooky Looks for Your Halloween Layouts

  1. Tabitha says:

    I love to make matching homemade costumes for the whole family – my favorite so far was the Incredibles:) I know that I don’t have too many more years that my children will want to be seen matching their parents BUT for now I enjoy!

  2. jengd says:

    Fabulous stuff! I’m looking forward to my son getting old enough that we can have a truly dark and creepy Halloween party for him. Cobwebs, rats, bats, antique flourishes on the invites, the whole package.

  3. My favorite decor is spider webs! I love draping this stuff over EVERYTHING! Nothing says halloween like spider webs!

  4. Shelly Slaugh says:

    this is the first year i’m really getting into the Halloween decor so i have to start from scratch. wonderful ideas

  5. Jenny McGee says:

    These Halloween collections look really spooky and fun. My fave costume for my son was he was an Elf. It was so cute. Thanks for a chance to win.

  6. Amy says:

    Martha Stewart always has great Halloween stuff!

  7. Sheri K says:

    Lovely bunch of Halloween goodies–such fun! My fav decoration unfortunately “died” a couple of years ago and I haven’t found a replacement. But I had this huge Frankenstein that you “stuffed” every year, we would sit him up on the bench by our front porch and all the neighborhood kids loved him. We would pose him different ways-legs crossed or stretched out–it was fun. But alas, he finally fell apart!

  8. My favorite Halloween costume was the ostrich costume I made in college. It rocked!

  9. Melissa aka ScrapWithM says:

    My favorite Halloween decoration is a metal pumpkin I got from PartyLite a few years ago… It’s so rustic looking & I have a special pumpkin scented candle I put in it. I love watching my boys get dressed up for trick or treating too!

  10. CraftyCat says:

    My favorite Halloween costume is Waldo and Wenda from “Where’s Waldo” books. My husband and I dress up together and it makes a great couple costume. It was a hit ten years ago… unfortunately Where’s Waldo has fallen out of popularity and now no one knows who these characters are anymore! But we loved it back in the day!

  11. Cynthia B. says:

    My favorite Halloween decor involves Frankenstein heads. A long time ago, I bought these stuffed Frankenstein heads that have suction cups for eyes, so you can stick them inside your home’s window, like the monsters are looking out at visitors.
    Of course, it’s nothing compared to my neighbor’s use of dry ice and fans for “fog” or his giant pumpkins painted in neon paint (did I mention that he’s a sound engineer who works at rock concerts?)…but we have a great time at Halloween anyway.

  12. Sav O'G says:

    My fav costume ever was the one my mom made for me in 6th grade. It was a frilly dress with polka dots….ruffles underneath….leggings….white shoes….hair in pig tails….and a HUGE lollipop! So cute:) I even won 1st place at our school dance!
    Thanks for the chance to win:)

  13. cindy barriga says:

    My favorite decoration is pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins. I place them everywhere from counters to stairways. I love them and they get to the point. ;D

  14. Amber R. says:

    Ohhh…I love this collection! My sister birthday is on Halloween, so I am always on the look out for fun and spooky Halloween papers!

  15. Jen H says:

    My son was Mario last year – super cute!

  16. Colleen says:

    thanks for the inspiration

  17. Shawn Wenrich says:

    A few years ago my daughter was a Scary Fairy that was my absolutle fav. I just looked at the pictures from that year, she’s grown so much since then, :(.

  18. jen shears says:

    My current fave is the peacock costume my 5yo daughter & I are creating!! :D

  19. Donna Sue says:

    My favorite costume was one I made years ago of a gold Jeannie costume. Since then, I have worn it a few times. Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  20. Sandra says:

    I love the images that go in the full length windows, like a witch stirring her brew!
    thanks for the fun!

  21. Steffanie S says:

    My boys were both pirates a few years back. I made the costumes, I did the make-up. They were the best looking pirates in the neighborhood (proud mom, here)! It was the best and I have the best photos to prove it!

  22. sandra m. says:

    What a great looking sampling of spooky papers! thanks for showing Stampin up, i didnt know about theirs.

  23. Maria D. says:

    cool stuff :-) I want one :-)

  24. Last year, my daughter was a bumble bee, so I dressed as the queen bee. Turned my hairstyle until bee hive do and everything. Fun!

  25. Renae says:

    I think my favorite costume was when my daughter was a s’more. It was fun to make.

  26. Amy says:

    Love that haunted house layout – so fun! My favorite decor for Halloween is a jack-o-lantern. I have so much fun each year carving it!

  27. Beth W says:

    One year some friends of mine dressed up as his and her outhouses! They used appliance boxes and covered them with wood grain contact paper-it was hilarious!

  28. DeniseB says:

    Love all this Halloween goodness!
    My favorite costume was the year my daughter was in preschool and I made her a Tinkerbell costume, and I dressed as Peter Pan. That was so fun!

  29. My favorite costume was the year I was an angel with my twin sister!

  30. calamityjane says:

    Great stuff! My best costume has been a Tigger outfit I made. It was nice and warm for that chilly night!

  31. Pia Lopez says:

    Wow, I love those halloween papers!

    Our favorite halloween decor would be the halloween wreath I made last year! We adorned it with finger puppets – monsters and pirates. We also added small spooky toys such as skeletons, bats, spiders, skulls etc! We love putting it up!

  32. kadebug says:

    BOOtiful halloween goodies! Love the bottle labels and the spooky invitations!!

  33. Lara H. says:

    love all the spooky lines! my favorite halloween decor this year is black glitter crows :) i love decorating my house with them & using them in my scrapbooking! thanks for the giveaway :)

  34. Melinda Wilson says:

    My favorite costume that I made was for my little boy when he was 1-1/2. It was a tiger with a hat and he was so cute with his blonde hair!!

  35. Jennifer Larson says:

    I think I was Wonder Woman once…

  36. heather garl says:

    I remember one of my worst costumes…I was probably about 13 and decided I wanted to be a “wounded army monster” so I used my dad’s army clothing, put on a mask, and wrapped bandages on some spots. That was all OK…till I added the crutches….my arms were so sore and tired when I was only about 1/3 of the way through town. I suffered the entire night! LOL

  37. Katiria says:

    My favorite Halloween costume was the one I made my son a few years ago. He wanted to be general Grievous from Star Wars and we could not find the costume in the stores, so I had to make it. I did not have a sewing machine and I had to hand sew the whole thing! I made the helmet from paper mache and even added extra arms to be very true to the character. He was the hit of the night. Everybody had a wonderful comment on how nice the costume looked. I was so pround of myself!

  38. c@rol w says:

    My favorite Halloween costume was one I made for my toddler boy. He was “The Little Green Sprout” from Green Giant vegetables. I painstakingly cut out about 50 green leaves from fabric and used puffy fabric paint to create veins on them all. Then I hand stitched every single one to his outfit. He absolutely refused to wear the leaf hat I made. That little stinker! It’s a treasure to me now that he’s 20 years old! LOL

  39. Jess says:

    When I was little my mom made all our costumes which I loved because I could be anything we could dream up and wasn’t limited to the choices on the rack!

  40. Sandy Ang says:

    Such great Halloween ideas ! Thanks for having the giveaway.

  41. Jan S says:

    My favorite decor is the all-time favorite pumpkin!

  42. Maria says:

    Scary spiderwebs draped on/over/through my open stairs… of course with the occasional plastic spider in the web.

  43. LorraineN says:

    These halloween products are gorgeous! I love Halloween. I remember hitting the clubs when I was younger dressed as a vampire-ess – fake blood dripping all over. It’s a hoot thinking about it now, LOL.

  44. Liliana says:

    Great Halloween ideas! My favorite costume is the scary wicked witch. Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. Olivia says:

    I really just love simple jack-o-lanterns all lit up. This year we started making the sparkle with glitter glue :)

  46. Becky German says:

    My son was the coolest Obi-Wan several years ago for Halloween. He loves Star Wars related costumes and so do I.

  47. Thanks Guys for youroutstandinghelp.
    It\’sgood todiscoverother people whotalk about my passion!

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