Creativity Heals: Scrapbooking Shared Experiences

Scrapbooking can help you heal during those times when you’ve suffered a loss, whether it’s the loss of a friend, family member, pet, home, job, or anything else you care about.

If this festive time of year brings you together with others who have suffered the same or a similar loss, collect their photos and thoughts together with yours on a layout, in a video, or using another form of artistic creation, making something you can turn to for comfort later. Who knows—you may even make a few friends you wouldn’t have otherwise! 

Favorite Memories from 5.9.08
by Allison Davis, as seen in 101 Expert Solutions for Scrapbooking, p. 85.

Include the memories of others on your scrapbook layout, as Allison Davis did on this layout about the birth of her child.

If you’ve lost a family member, friend, or a pet, gather memories, photos, and stories from those who share your loss and make a scrapbook about the person or pet. Scan the pages, and share them electronically with all those involved.

If you’ve lost a home or job, talk to others who have been in your situation. Record the advice or comfort they give you as part of a layout that shows how the experience has affected you.

-Dorathy Gilchrist, associate editor

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5 Responses to Creativity Heals: Scrapbooking Shared Experiences

  1. Kate Leigh says:

    I don’t normally reply or comment on blogs but couldn’t help on this one. One of the reasons I originally got started into scrapbooking was when I lost my dog. He had died a few days prior to a crop I had signed up for, thinking it would be something to occupy my day. I took off from there. It was such a healing process and that is when I realized that one of the reasons we scrap is because we love the moments captured in our hearts by the camera and putting it in a special place with the bling or the ribbons is an expression of love.

  2. Bailey Reese says:

    Please use Goodshop and Goodsearch! Please shop/search for “Hero Hugs” and help kids send appreciation packages to deployed troops! It is a great way to help some smaller charities earn some extra money!!

  3. sandee says:

    I have been working on a scrapbook that has followed my healing process through my divorce, well actually “after” the divorce too…it does help. Not all pages are happy pagesbut it’s a process.

  4. I became deeply involved in scrapbooking when my late husband was diagnosed with A.L.S. When he passed on six years later I had captured so many precious moments that I was able to create special scrapbooks for all three kids and two for myself. They are some of our most precious possessions. Scrapbooking is truly a work of heart. I have a layout in Club CK I did for the creativity heals contest in Louisville here is a link to it:
    It was a wonderful message of hope and has helped others in similar situations.

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