Weekly Warm-Up: Holiday Traditions


It’s that time of year again, when holidays seem to be around every turn. Along with the fun comes traditions that are unique to every person, family, and community. Creating scrapbook layouts about these times is not only fun in the moment, but also helps you relive all the great memories time and time again. 

Holiday Preparations

 Whether you string lights, choose a tree, buy gifts, sing songs, bake goodies, or light candles, holiday preparations can be as enjoyable as the holiday itself.  Scrapbooking these memories not only tells a lot about what you enjoy, but also what you value and who you love spending time with. Julie DeGuia created this layout about how her kids love to join her husband on the roof each year to hang Christmas lights. 


Up on the Rooftop by Julie DeGuia. Digital Supplies: Software: Adobe; Cardstock: Classic Cardstock, Lynn Grieveson, and Katie Pertiet; Hinges, stamps, tag, and word strips: Katie Pertiet; Brackets and frames: Lynn Grieveson; Twill: Ali Edwards; Stitching: Anna Aspnes; Fonts: Establo, Jane Austen, and Rockwell. 

People in Action

Caroling around the neighborhood, decorating the house, dancing to holiday tunes–each of these and other traditions include quite a bit of action. Candid action photos can often be the most fun–and the most revealing about a personality. (We know you’ve been caught licking the spoon, not to mention your fingers, after mixing a yummy batch of cookies!) 

After taking action shots, Stacy Cohen was able to create this great scrapbook page about her daughters dancing to their favorite Hanukkah songs. Remember to hand the camera over to someone else every now and then, so that you can enjoy making an action-packed holiday scrapbook page that includes a cameo of you. 



Hanukkah by Stacy Cohen, as seen in the November/December 2010 issue, p. 35   

Unusual Traditions 

Some traditions are so unique, and so is your family, that scrapbooking them for future generations to see is an absolute must. Jennifer Hansen created this layout about how her family celebrates Christmas Eve with Krusty Klaus, the man in a moth-eaten suit who gives out gag gifts to all.   

On your scrapbook page, include the history of how the tradition was started and who played what role in it. If the story won’t fit on the front of the layout, write it on the back, or create a hidden journaling pocket for it. Years later your family will be so glad to know how all the fun began–especially if the tradition is still going on.   



Krusty Klause by Jennifer Hansen, as seen in the November/December 2010 issue, p. 38   

-Dorathy Gilchrist, associate editor   


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2 Responses to Weekly Warm-Up: Holiday Traditions

  1. Julie Stafford says:

    I LOVE to see and hear about other familys’ traditions!! No matter how “silly” one may think they are. They are special to each one of us in SO many ways!! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Gayla Templeton says:

    Since I am about to become a great grandmother for the first time, I’m so aware of how fast life passes and that the time to document the best times in life is now. I have lost two husbands in the week after Thanksgiving, one 44 years ago and one 5 years ago so this is always a time for me to quietly appraise my life and give thanks that I am still here to be a family historian.

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