Organization Week: Products to Organize Your Scrapbook Supplies

For me, this is the really fun part about organizing – organizational products! I love all the wonderful products out there created just for the purpose of organizing. And probably just as much, I love to repurpose items from around the house to organize my supplies. Let’s take a look at some of the options that are out there, or perhaps right there – already in your home!

When selecting organizational products it is best to think about your own taste as well as how you work. Do you like your products to be visible and easily accessed? If so, you might want to consider clear containers or open baskets. If you prefer your supplies to be tucked away, out of sight for a neater, streamlined appearance, you might consider drawer units, cupboards, and solid boxes.

Store on Display

Try these organizational products to store your supplies out in the open.


Consider using a rail and container unit – designed for kitchen use – above your desk to organize scrap supplies as Mou Saha does.

Simply hang supplies on a coat rack for both a fun and stylish way to organize product.

Wall hooks and clip rings perfectly store ribbon and packaged items, and there are so many types of hooks to choose from. Try a decorative hook, multi-hook, or single hooks lined up in a row. Hang them anywhere: walls, side of a bookshelf, end of your desk – wherever is most convenient for the way you work.

Ribbon spools look beautiful and are easily contained on a paper towel holder.


Spinning racks, such as the Clip It Up, are perfect for so many different types of supplies. I use mine to hold letter stickers and rub-ons.

Carousels are great for organizing so many things. I use a Making Memories carousel to organize some of my smaller embellishments that I like to keep close at hand.

I love to use open baskets to organize supplies – chipboard, stickers, rub-ons, etc. each have their own basket. Baskets offer a big open area for holding your supplies and they are portable, allowing you to take your basket of supplies right to your project.

Keep a long bread basket right where you create for frequently used supplies, such as adhesive.

Nicole Harper keeps all of her “go-to” products in this cool multi-tiered tray from Pottery Barn right next to her work surface. A multi-tiered basket, found in the kitchen aisle would work great too.

A vintage tool box perfectly houses Nicole Harper’s spray ink and could be filled with all sorts of different supplies.

Organize supplies in trays placed on shelves. The trays are portable and can be brought right over to your project.


Clear, lidded jars are perfect for storing items that you want to keep visible and dust free. Megan Hoeppner uses these cute little glass jars for her itty bitty supplies such as brads and buttons.

Wall mount shelving units are a great way to utilize wall space to store your supplies. Laura Vegas uses this shelf to store her paint.

Create your own tray type shelves using sections of rain gutters. Have your local home-improvement store cut the gutters to size and simply cap the ends and mount them on your wall.

Paper trays store your paper flat, which prevents warping or curling, and there are many styles of 12 x 12 paper trays available. Laura Vegas organizes her cardstock using clear paper trays.

Repurpose an old soup or coffee can for holding supplies, like this pencil cup my daughter made for me. These could hold buttons, brads, beads, etc. Decorate yours to coordinate with the décor of your creative space.

Try mini buckets for mini supplies like brads, eyelets, beads and such.

Small embellishments can be easily organized in magnetic spice canisters. I keep mine on a magnetic blackboard above my desk.

Store Tucked Away

Try these organizational products to store your supplies out of sight.

Closets are a great place for scrap supply storage. Why not put all those great closet organizing products to use!  This multi-tiered pants hanger is perfect for holding ribbon spools.

Store page kits in plastic zipper bags and hang them from trouser hangers.


Add clip rings or curtain hooks to a towel bar or a simple curtain wire, to organize ribbon, stickers and much more.

Small wooden drawer units meant for use in garden sheds work great for organizing markers as well as small embellishments. Plus you can pull out the drawers to take right to your project.

Digi scrapper Joey Manwarren uses this sleek workbench to organize her traditional supplies, and keeps tabs on what’s in each drawer with magnetic labels.

Customize drawers with individual drawer liners, to organize all sorts of supplies. These long clear liners were really made for organizing silverware, but they work perfectly for border strips too! Remember to measure the inside of your drawer before heading to the store. It also helps to take a tape measure to the store as the containers may not have the dimensions marked on them.

I’ve lined a basket with canning jars to hold my flowers, organized by color. I store another basket on top of this one which acts as a lid over the flowers keeping the dust away.

Try organizing patterned paper in hanging paper files as Megan Hoeppner does. These files would also work well for stickers, rubons, and other non-dimensional supplies.

Vertical files are also a great way to store patterned paper and cardstock.

3-ring binders filled with pocket sleeves make organizing smaller embellishments a synch. Plus they are very easy to transport wherever you want to scrap. It’s easy to organize your embellishments by color or theme with 3-ring binders.

Now that we’ve looked at some specific products to organize your supplies, let’s take a look at some creative spaces for more organizing inspiration!

Megan Hoeppner’s creative space.

Laura Vegas’ creative space. You can see even more of Laura’s space on her blog.

Mou Saha’s creative space. Check out this video tour of Mou’s space for even more inspiration.

Mandy Douglass’ creative space. Mandy also has a video tour of her space.

Nicole Harper’s creative space. You can see even more on Nicole’s blog.

My own creative space, which you can see more of on my blog.

As you can see, there are so many creative ways to organize and contain your supplies. Check your kitchen, garage, and garden shed for containers that you can repurpose for your scrap supplies. If you’re shopping for new, make sure you check the kitchen, bath, garden, and tool aisles for useful containers.

We’d love to hear how you organize your supplies too! Let us know in the comments for your chance to win a copy of The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker, a Creating Keepsakes Embrace Your Space Hanging Embellishment Tote, or a set of Creating Keepsakes Hanging Craft Small Storage Drawers!

-Cindy Tobey, contributing writer

P.S. Give yourself permission to let go of things that you really won’t use and free up some room, both physically and mentally, to focus on the things that really get you excited to scrapbook! Decide which products to keep, and which products to let go of, by taking the product organization quiz on Club CK!

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348 Responses to Organization Week: Products to Organize Your Scrapbook Supplies

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  3. Crystal Pratt says:

    I absolutely love this article. Usually I just scroll through pages briefly looking at pictures but this is one where I actually stopped and read everybit of it. It was helpful. I recently just had a 2nd child, my 1st daughter! (: and I’m crossing my fingers that she turns out to be like me; cherishing photos, and scrapbooks from her childhood. So I can’t wait to start on a scrapbook for her (I’m sure she’ll appreciate it more than my son will his) BUT the problem is… what WAS my scrapbook/sewing room is now her nersury and all my scrapbooking stuff is in boxes :/ now I can’t wait to run to the store to buy 3-ring binder pocket sleeves (i already have tons of old 3 ring binders that are just collecting dust somewhere) those will be perfect to hold all my odds and ends and it wont take up nearly as much space as the big boxes!! Also, I was in the process of packing a box to donate, in the box, I had tossed lots of odds and ends hangers that came with all the new baby clothes, including trouser hangers which would be also more space saving than all the boxes! Also, I’ve been wanting an excuse to get my hands on magnetic paint and this is the perfect excuse! I already have magnetic spice holders and who am I kidding, I can’t cook, I’m absolutely terrified of the kitchen! I never thought about putting all my bottons in those! Can’t wait to get started. Thank you so much!

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    scholar сomρared to me.

  5. Laura Lea says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. This summer I’ll need to undig and redo my craft room. It’s going to be an anthropological dig of great discoveries!

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  7. Wow! What great ideas. I loved seeing all the photos, as I’m probably like most people who visited your blog – we are visual people. One of the things I didn’t see as an option for craft ribbon: wrapping rolls of ribbon onto foam board cards. I recently converted two storage containers or rolled ribbon to one storage box of “wrapped-around-cards ribbon” – which created more space on my craft shelf. I created a video, with instructions:

  8. Isabella Werner says:

    what a good idee! Where can I buy this?
    “Closets are a great place for scrap supply storage. Why not put all those great closet organizing products to use! This multi-tiered pants hanger is perfect for holding ribbon spools.”
    Kind regards,

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  11. Kimberly Mobley says:

    I must say that I love your ideas and even the way they are organized with so many clear pictures. I love shopping at the dollar store. I think I love organizing almost as much as crafting. I just organized all of my bead in those clear bowls used for condiments because I can see everything and stack them on top of each other. I put all of my yarn in clear zip lock bags and all of my odds and ends in clear shoe boxes. Still I wasn’t completely happy with everything because I needed even more ideas and you gave me quite a few of those. My daughter is a junior in high school and has gotten excited about he idea of scrapbooking. She is the junkiest person ever and I am hoping to slip in some organizing skills while she is learning about scrapbooking. Thanks so much for giving me some ideas to help her become neater while having fun.

  12. Melanie says:

    I have to say, I’m in craft room lust right now. I left my very lucrative job as a sub-specialty M.D. so that we could be better stewards of what we’ve been blessed with (especially our kids). Part of that process meant we downsized from a much larger house and in doing so I lost my very beloved craft/sewing room. All the things I’d amassed after 12 years of marriage are now crammed into a tiny under-the-stairs closet which I can’t stand upright in–and I’m only 5’3″!!! (can you hear the laughter through tears as I say this?!) We joke the craft-closet is booby-trapped because it is busting at the seams! Thankfully, my hubby and I are seasoned vets at rehabing homes, so we will be enclosing usable attic space to get another bed + bath and I will have my precious craft room back (and a guest room to boot)!!! I will so be coming back to this spot to get ideas. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  13. Sally Anderson says:

    I’d love to know where that magnetic board came from. I recently got some of the little containers but don’t have any magnetic thing to hang them on! Thanks.

  14. Lisa P says:

    Great ideas. I love to see how others organize because it sparks my thinking and helps me to look around and see how I can fit things into my space. Thanks for sharing ssuch great ideas.

  15. Bellaidea says:

    So many great ideas how to keep our rooms clean:)
    I love when my studio looks good too!

  16. Bridget Cavage says:

    I love this article and will run out and buy the magazine and probably 90% of all the organizational ideas listed here – then get home too tired to empty the car and it will stay there until I need the space in the car or something out of one of the bags and then it will all be carried in the house and I won’t be able to find the website again – and budda bing – still no organization and more stuff to organize!!!! But I love all the ideas here – you should have a contest where the winner wins someone coming to their house and shows them how to organize what they have, I am sure I could win a contest of who has the messiest “craft space”. I have spewed over and now have 3 rooms and every flat surface I can find!!!!

  17. HeatherJane says:

    I am getting ready to finally move into my craft room after YEARS of planning and waiting! The ideas I find here are priceless to me right now! Thank you for the ideas and brainstorming that will help me to make the most of my dream space!

  18. glenys says:

    I used inexpensive 99 cents plastic crates in any color, and then spray painted gold to match my decor and make them look more fabulous ..this holds my 6×6 paper stacks perfectly.

  19. Jennifer says:

    I actually use a jewelry box to hold some of my smaller embellishments.

  20. Gina says:

    I love these ideas. I’ve been using old bowls and cups that were my grandmothers to organize some of my smaller things. This way I use the things I love to hold things I love!

  21. DolliN says:

    I have a very small area in our basement for scrapbooking. I’m a visual person, so I need to be able to see my supplies in order to use them. My husband hung a peg board which I use to hang my sticker & embellishment packaging and I have pegboard baskets to hold tools and other supplies. My area is near the stairs, so I have a shelf unit under the staircase to hold my vertical paper files. I have a large whicker basket on my table with various bins and a library drawer shelf that is for my Project Life materials. I use a variety of small plastic drawers, which are labeled, for my wooden stamps, and I use CD cases for my cling stamps. Lastly I have a tray, similar to the Pottery Barn one in this article, that I picked up for $20 at Harbor Freight. It holds mists, adhesives, ink pads, and other smaller tools and supplies. While I would love to have a larger area, this works for me.

  22. Laurie Cashen says:

    Love all these storage tips. I’m going to show some to my hubby and see if we can implement them. I used the white storage cubes (each with four drawers) as “legs” for my table (which is just a white piece of wood from Loew’s). I have my table two cubes high. That way, I have what I need right at my fingertips, but not cluttering my desk. I store things like adhesive, washi tape, mists, and the most important thing when scrapping: chocolate!

  23. Jennifer C. says:

    I started with using baskets and other containers that I had around the house to get it generally organized. Then I began to get some modular pieces from Michael’s. I have slowly been using those to organize the different elements a little further. I use the drawers under the magazine holder for all my overly large stamps. I use a plastic 12×12 container for all my flat (or locks flat) punches as well as a couple for my loose stamps. I have a shoe organizer over the back of my door which holds sewing supplies like threads (both serger and machine), scissors, snaps, binding tapes, large laces, etc. I use a file drawer to stick all my inspiration in separate sections (ex. inspired beading, inspired gallery glass, inspired painting, etc). I have many more things in my space. Some for taking items elsewhere to craft, and others for convenience in my space. I have loved reading and looking at all the storage inspiration that has been put out lately, and thank you for sharing it.

  24. Betty Weaver says:

    So many great ideas so little time (and little budget)! Many things got me thinking of how I can re-purpose things

  25. satinka says:

    I love your “ribbons on hangers” idea and first saw it on Pinterest. Would a short strip of scotch tape prevent the “unraveling” about which you queried? Like Betty Weaver says, “So many great ideas so little time!” So true!

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  27. Trudy O'Donnell says:

    I have just moved into my very own craft space after sharing my husbands office for years. Looking for some ways to organize my supplies and maximize my oh-so-short scrapbooking time. These ideas are great, thanks so much for sharing!!

  28. Marcia says:

    Please please tell me where I can get those small wooden draw units. I have two I love. But I got them at ikea and they don’t carry them anymore.

  29. Manda Louchen says:

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  31. Erin says:

    Where did you get the small wooden drawer units from? I am looking for something similar and cannot find them anywhere.

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  33. Christie says:

    Where can the clear plastic paper trays (like those used by Laura Vargas) be found?

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