Happy Presidents’ Day!

Happy Presidents’ Day! While this time honored holiday doesn’t quite receive the fame and glory of its neighbors, Valentine’s Day and Easter, it’s an important day nonetheless! If you’re like me and have a house full of children who are out of school today, use this chance to connect with your kids and document their sweet political perspectives. I asked each of my children what they would do if they were President for a day then included their answers word for word in a fun 6×6 mini album.

Digital Supplies: Software: Adobe; White cardstock; Just Linens No. 1 by Michelle Martin; Colored cardstock: Le Spook Solid Paper Pack by Andrea Victoria; Frame: Framed Collection No. 1 by Andrea Victoria; Journalers: Curled Journaling Spots by Katie Pertiet; Fonts: Steelfish and Avant Garde.

Why not do the same in your household? Make it the start of a new family tradition. Each year pull out the album, ask the same question to each child, and document their new (and possibly more profound) answers. Designing a template and keeping each page uniform makes this project super quick and any excuse to connect with your kids is always something to celebrate!

Deena Wuest, contributing writer

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7 Responses to Happy Presidents’ Day!

  1. Mandy Szeto says:

    Don’t have kids yet, but adorable answers and idea!

  2. Tammy C. says:

    Cute – love it! Thanks for the idea.

  3. cindy tobey says:

    Awesome idea Deena! TFS! Love your littles’ answers too – so fun!

  4. Joseph Wuest says:

    Is my wife not the greatest woman and Mom in the world! Deena, you continue to leave me speechless and in awe at what a legacy you leave for the kids. Thankyou!

  5. Faye T. says:

    Such a wonderful idea. Will do this with my children and grandchildren. Thanx for the idea.

  6. katie says:

    this is cool, thanks!

  7. Thanks for yourInteresting guidance
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