Explore Your Inner World Through Scrapbooking

Happy Sunday!

Rachel Kaufman here from the kit club, inspirational source and online community, Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.

We’re wrapping up an amazing month of sharing positive energy using our March kit, INSPIRATION. What in your world motivates you and lights your spark? Bright, light and full of fun, you’ll adore this enormous kit featuring American Crafts’ City Park and Cosmo Cricket’s Delovely…filled with banners, kites and pinwheels! You’ll uncover your creativity, vision and ingenuity with us…and your own inner INSPIRATION. Check out these meaningful layouts:

Christa Paustenbaugh is inspired by her family’s ability to overcome challenges:


Fabi Ormerod is inspired by the innocent joy of children, relishing the simple pleasures of life:

Felecia Krech is inspired by powerful voices, acoustic guitar, attitude, and songs about love and breaking out of the mold:

Melissa Elsner is inspired by friendships that are about mutual support and encouragement:

Patty Zimmerman uses her sense of humor to inspire others to take themselves less seriously and enjoy life:

Our kits help you explore every side of yourself – your inner struggles and triumphs, your relationships, and your goals and dreams. Not only does each kit use color, design and symbolism to help you tell a deeper story, but our industry-exclusive FREE Inspiration Page each month provides you with a multimedia support system – including deep journaling prompts, a music playlist, quotes, photos and evocative challenges to make your tender heart and creative mind and hands flow.

Scrapbooking from the Inside Out’s emotion-focused kits provide all-in-one value, unparalleled variety, exclusive inspiration and a heart-centered community to help you explore your inner world and motivate you to express yourself on the page with depth and meaning. No add-ons needed, just one big, perfect, up-to-the-minute kit with exactly what you’ll need to Explore Your Inner World. Each month’s delivery is a unique, stylish creation that will take you to new places in your heart and your crafting.

We’re also sneaking our April kit, RESILIENCE, available to purchase April 1. Fantastic symbolism: elastic bands, a hanger, bookplates…rich, beautiful, and full of strong pattern and color, you’ll tell your story in new and inspiring ways.

Leave a comment here and tell me what inspires you, and you’ll be entered to win the INSPIRATION kit. And do come join us online…we would love to welcome you and join you on your journey.

Stay tuned…I’ll be back soon with more great giveaways, inspiring content and step by step tutorials to inspire you to explore YOUR inner world.

Rachel Kaufman

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142 Responses to Explore Your Inner World Through Scrapbooking

  1. Shayne says:

    I am inspired by the things I see on the internet, and on blogs like this one!
    I am also inspired by my new puppy, hehe!

  2. Karen Lingel says:

    I find inspiration in magazines. Also, I think that FREE STUFF is quite inspiring too.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  3. Cilia says:

    The beauty of nature is inspiring to me.

  4. SandyP says:

    What inspires me? I’d have to say great photos, brightly colored papers and embellishments and a few hours of downtime!

    Thanks for the chance to win…

  5. Carrie says:

    Lots of things inspire me including the weather (seasons), my kids, events going on in our family, new products I want to use, etc.!

  6. Sheri K says:

    I’m inspired by sketches and LO’s in magazines and events going on in our life!

  7. My faith in all things good and beautiful inspires me.

  8. cindy mccarthy says:

    Beautiful and inspirational article and kit. Gets the creativity wheels spinning.

  9. Heather DG says:

    I’d say my inspiration has been in finally starting to get unpacked and getting to play with so many of my supplies that I haven’t had access to in a while. It has given me a chance to “see” them all again and it’s like finding a bunch of old friends.

  10. Nicy says:

    I get inspired by blogs

  11. Tanja Souter says:

    Beautiful colours, patterns and textures inspire me. I find these in knitting and quilt patterns and home decor magazines. Also on blogs such as Moxie Fab World.

  12. Jane M. says:

    Anyone who has battled cancer and comes out with an amazing, positive attitude and zest for living life to its fullest every day – like my sister – inspires me.

  13. Stephanie McGregor says:

    I am inspired by the truth!

  14. Olivia says:

    Love the layouts! So inspired by the people of CK!

  15. Robin says:

    I am inspired each day by something different. Some days it is my kids, grandkids and family and other days it is nature or music. I’m always inspired when I read articles or blogs that teach me something new to try with my scrapbooking.


  16. heather garl says:

    I’m inspired by other layouts….in magazines, online, love to take an idea, change it up and make it my own.
    I’m inspired by creative photography too.

  17. Laura Mooney says:

    Super cute kit!

  18. michelle says:

    I’m inspired by creativity in any form.

  19. Christine Parker says:

    I am inspired not only by my kids… but by the product available to scrappers. If I see a product I love, you can bet that I will be looking to take the perfect photo so I can pull it from my stash and create my layout.

  20. Ange says:

    Great lo’s!!! Lots of things inspire me, but I’d say I’m mostly inspired by the moment happening in my photos. Even if there isn’t a big story behind the photo, I was inspired to snap it.


  21. Melanie C says:

    My children inspire me! They are so funny and delightful!

  22. Beth Hallgren says:

    I never know what will inspire me! A magazine add, my kids, the colors of a flower, a feeling that comes over me, it can be just about anything :)

  23. GrannyCharlotte says:

    My children, grand-children, nature, scrapbook supplies…….etc., inspire me. TFS.

  24. DorothyCC says:

    I am inspired to scrapbook by my photos and the memories they trigger, and by the desire to share my life with future generations.

  25. Judy R says:

    New papers and embellishments! There’s always an idea lurking around the corner just in time for that special photograph or quote I’ve been hanging onto. I love it when it comes together!

  26. Jill Polanycia says:

    Both kits are gorgeous, I will be checking them out! You’ve also given me insight into trying to scrapbook myself–thoughts, feelings, observations. I do mostly cards and only scrapbook things like brochures and tickets from my travels, but this is definitely an avenue I’d like to pursue…

  27. Melanie F says:

    The colors of the seasons always inspire me and always bring new papers and embellishments to craft with.

  28. Julie says:

    I am inspired by my 3 children. One of which is no longer with us. So lately I have been trying to scrap all of his pictures. It brings me bittersweet joy to see his smiling face in all of his photos. And most of the time it is comforting. Although at times it is very sad and depressing, I miss him so much. Also from my 2 teenage daughters. They are ALWAYS taking photos and so am I. And since I am pretty new at scrapbooking I find inspiration in the galleries here online and other websites. I get lots of new ideas on these websites. They are awesome!!

  29. Sabrina Mix says:

    Beautiful layouts like these really inspire me.


  30. Becky German says:

    I’m inspired daily by God’s created world around me, my children’s smiles, my husband’s wisdom, and beautiful pictures.

  31. Victoria S. says:

    I am inspired by color – like the colors of that kit!

  32. Ilze says:

    I always look for my inspiration in the nature.

  33. I’m inspired by the world around me and positive people. Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. Shanon says:

    I just have to say that this website (scrapbooking from the inside out) is amazing! I’m honestly speechless at how impressed and yes…even inspired…I am by it!

  35. Andrea Green says:

    Always my kids :-) They inspire me everyday with all they do and say and the gazillion photo ops that keep my camera out regularly, and my scrapping opportunity endless :-)

  36. elena says:

    my kids, and all the beautiful spring colors inspire me! as well as reading and looking at pictures in my favorite scrapbooking blogs!

  37. Hattie says:

    I’m inspired by everyday life. After recently going through major surgery for the first time in my life (I’m 40) in February – I look at things in new ways.

  38. Stephanie DiSabato says:

    I am inspired by my son’s daily smiles and accomplishments. For how to apply it, I find inspiration on the club ck website!

  39. I’m always inspired by my grandchildren. Every little thing they do pleases me. With scrapbook we can freeze every moment. I really hope when they get older they will enjoy, laugh and remember their grandma. Meg Cardoso

  40. Teresa Stephens says:

    Beautiful Inspiration kit

  41. PascaleA says:

    Beautiful layouts!~

  42. Amberly Facio says:

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