Creativity Heals: When You Have a Lot to Write

In each issue, Creating Keepsakes magazine highlights how scrapbooking can be a tool for healing during difficult times. Brigid Gonzalez created this layout about a program her sister’s family started, Luke’s Tree, that helps families in their community who have children in the hospital at Christmastime.

Healing Hearts by Brigid Gonzalez, as seen in the May/June 2011 issue, p. 17.

When you have a lot to write

Brigid wanted to tell the full story of Luke’s Tree on her scrapbook layout, so she kept the page design simple. To focus your scrapbook layout on your story, use few accents, and leave plenty of room for journaling. Let the accents you do have draw the reader in to your writing, and include photographs that illustrate your tale. The thick red border Brigid included on her page takes your eyes right to the journaling, and the pictures perfectly illustrate her story.

Bring It Home

Between floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and various other emergencies, the news is full of stories of communities in need. Maybe you have experienced one of these, or have done something to help a local group in need. Record your story as a scrapbook page so that you can remember what you’ve come through or the people you’ve met and served. Scrapbooking can be a great outlet for your thoughts and feelings during such times—and who knows, sharing your scrapbook pages may be a way to comfort others who are suffering in a similar situation, or to inspire those who can assist in relief efforts along with you.

Dorathy Gilchrist, associate editor

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  1. Common mistakes of most scrapbookers is trying to make their designs look really great but neglecting the soul of the scrapbook – the journal. This blog is a reminder that scrapbook is not about competing who has the best design but preserving memories.

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