Weekly Warm-Up: Tell Your Story On One Page

Happy Memorial Day! We hope that you are enjoying your extra long weekend with family and loved ones!

Here’s your challenge this week: Tell a story on a single layout. For example, in the May/June 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine, Smitha Katti’s journaling tells the story about how much her husband had changed in the span of a year after the birth of their daughter. By writing down these thoughts, Smitha not only has a beautiful page to put in her scrapbook, but she’ll have these memories forever!

Into Fatherhood by Smitha Katti. As seen in the May/June 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

In honor of this day, might we also suggest scrapbooking a layout about someone in the military.

Besides signaling the start of summer, Memorial Day, more importantly, is  a wonderful opportunity to honor and remember those who have given their lives for our nation. Scrapbooking offers us a creative way to pay tribute to those amazing men and women who selflessly have served or currently are serving this country. Here’s a favorite military page of mine that was featured in a previous issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. I hope it inspires you to scrapbook about someone past or present that has served in the military.

Soldja Clothes by Mandie Pierce. As seen in the November/December 2010 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

We challenge you to create a layout about a recent story or one you’ve been meaning to scrapbook.  And don’t forget to leave us a comment tellins us about it!

Have a wondeful day!

Joannie McBride, associate editor

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5 Responses to Weekly Warm-Up: Tell Your Story On One Page

  1. pearl says:

    hi! here’s a layout i created on one page to tell the story of just how much i look like my mom. http://kraftypearl.blogspot.com/2011/05/embody.html

  2. charlene says:

    hmmm…this will be a challenge! :)

  3. Mary Noel says:

    The journaling part is the challenge! I always have so much to say, but maybe I could use a hidden technique. I’ll try!

  4. The journaling part will do the trick. And scrappers must give a whole lot of thought in this part than just merely focusing on the design. The main goal of scrapbooks is to preserve those memories and it would efficiently perform its purpose considering that the inscribed words with the picture is written from the heart.

  5. tatimar says:

    Wonderful! I love it, kiss from Spain!!

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