Create a Digi Sticker Alpha for Your Layouts

Greetings, CK Blog Friends!  Joey Manwarren here as today’s guest blogger!

Do you ever find yourself searching for the perfect alphabet to use on your layout?  Rummaging through your stash, be it paper or digital, can be frustrating and time consuming.   Creating a digital sticker alpha, by adding a white stroke around a font, might be just the trick you are looking for!   Simply follow these steps:

1. Open your layout in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

2. Select the font tool & pick a font, size & color that complements your layout.

3. Type your title.

4. Create a new layer by clicking on the New Layers Icon & position this layer under your title layer.

5. With the new layer selected in the Layers Palette, hold the Control key (Command key on Mac) while clicking on the icon in the title layer (circled in red).   Marching ants should now surround the title. 


6. With the new layer still selected in the Layers Palette, go to Edit – Stroke, and select the color (white in this case) and stroke width (anywhere from 5-25 pixels depending on your font size), and hit OK.  Hit Control D (Command D) to get rid of the marching ants.

7. I like to link the font layer to the stroke layer so they stay together if I move them around.  Click the stroke layer and then click the font layer while holding the shift key.  With the two layers selected, click on the Link Layers Icon.

8. I also like to add a light drop shadow to make things look more realistic.

Here is a layout I made using this white stroking technique: 

As seen in the March/April 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

Get creative and use this technique to stroke other elements like flowers or stamps!

For more freebies and design tips, check out my blog.

And don’t forget to download this free alpha sticker download!

Have a great a day!

Joey Manwarren, dream team member

P.S. It’s Free Font Friday! Download the CK Bohemian font for free!

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5 Responses to Create a Digi Sticker Alpha for Your Layouts

  1. Beth W says:

    This is an awesome tutorial-I can’t wait to give it a try!

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  3. I have a different version of Photoshop but hoping it still works, can’t wait to try this one! Thanks so much

  4. Kym Andrews says:

    Hi – any reason you put the stroke on a new layer? I’ve always just used the blending options on the text layer.

  5. Mel H says:

    I tried to download the free stickers…but the site says there’s an error in the png files….any suggestions?

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