Summer Scrapbooking Tips From The Paperlife

Hi, it’s Amy Coon again from The Paperlife.

It’s the first full week of summer and, if your life is anything like mine, you are in full swing, “cram everything you can in before school starts again” mode.

And my hobby and love, scrapbooking, well, let’s just say, I miss her terribly.


I do not hold the magic formula for this summer scrapbook fever I suffer from each and every year, but I do have some tips I want to share with you to put it in a new light.

First of all, remember this is a hobby.  A famous person once said, “There is no crying in scrapbooking,” errrr, or was that baseball? Hmmm, I don’t remember.  But the point is, like baseball, it’s supposed to be fun.

1.) (This is complements of Stacy Julian, whose Photo Freedom books you should definitely read this summer, if you haven’t already.) You do not have to scrapbook in order, whatever that means.

2.) You do not have to have a completed page to feel like you were successful at scrapbooking.

3.) Not many people in the bio-science field know this but, creativity is actually a human muscle, no, really.  It, like the family dog, needs to be exercised and walked with daily.


 4.) Pictures are worth a thousand words, when it comes to scrapbooking. Capture the moments of your life this summer because, that too is, another layer of scrapbooking.

 5.) And this is my favorite thing to do, summer scrapbook-wise: art journaling. All you really need for this is a journal, a pen, maybe some colored pencils and you can brainstorm all kinds of ideas for future layouts when the weather turns chilly.

 So here is to a summer filled with guilt-free scrapbooking where everything counts! A lot of summer scrapbooking is about making the memories to scrapbook. Just don’t forget to pack the camera!

And that’s how Amy sees it. {wink}

Love hanging out over here with you guys!  We are releasing a whole new on July 1st and we want all of you to stop by and check it out that day, and every day after for that matter, because we will have all kinds of yummy Paperlife printable products for you to add to your paperlife there! We will also be having a call for a couple more papergirls to add to our team, you are hearing that here first! So, watch for more on that too!

Until next time, go make a beautiful mess of your paperlife!

(Layouts done with the new Paperlife printable collection Just Beachy that can be found over at our place, along with more guilt-free tips for your summer scrapbooking!)

Amy Coon

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  1. Annette A. says:

    awesome layout….

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