Sound-inspired Scrapbook Layouts

Hi there CK blog pals, Mou Saha here with today’s post.

Summers are usually a strange mix of busy and lazy around here with the best part being having the kids at home giving me many opportunities to photograph outdoor and water activities.

It’s the loud, noisy, young, and raw energy of summer that I enjoy scrapbooking the most.

I have found that using onomatopoeias are a great way to recapture this energy and enrich my storytelling. Onomatopoeias are words that imitate the sounds they represent, such as crunch for a snack or tweet for a chirping bird. You can find a starter list on page 102 in Journaling Solutions of the July/August 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.


Take the onomatopoeia experience one step further by making it a decorative element on your layout like I did in “Swim Lessons”. I sketched water drops and fitted the sounds like ‘splish’, ‘splash’, ‘whoosh’, ‘swoosh’ inside the shapes to look like the water splashed in the focal photo.

This same technique would work great with other aquatic layouts. You can also fit tunes you hum within musical notes, draw lines curling at the end to journal about a windy day, use thought bubbles, clouds or lightning shapes to encapsulate fitting onomatopoeias.

Have fun with onomatopoeias!

Mou Saha, contributing writer

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3 Responses to Sound-inspired Scrapbook Layouts

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  2. Kim Watson says:

    Very cute page Mou! The use of shapes for journaling & titles is a great idea…TFS!

  3. Cindy B says:

    Cute LO. Love the firecracker. What a neat idea!

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