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Hello CK friends! I am thrilled to be here with you today!  My goal is to provide you with tips and inspiration to challenge your artistry and creativity.

I love the allure of vintage glamour. I have a photographic memory and I have visions of vintage glamour in my head, which is what inspired this layout.  I used three pictures of some of my favorite vintage items and some pictures of the queen of vintage glamour, Marilyn Monroe. To me, butterflies are very glamorous, so I created an over the top butterfly to include in my layout as well.

Don’t be intimidated by trying to hand draw and free form cut on your projects. The results are always interesting and it is not about perfection.  You can scrap about things. It doesn’t always have to be about people. You can scrap about people from a bygone era. I didn’t have to have known Marilyn Monroe to use her in my layout.

I like to crop photos in interesting ways. Here I have a photo of one of my favorite vintage jackets. I used my circle dies to crop just the very top button and collar of the jacket. I also have a photo of a vintage rhinestone headband and I cropped just a close up of the rhinestones. Ditto with the vintage necklace photo.

I began with a hand drawn original sketch.

I then re-drew and cut out the face and neck of my lady from cream cardstock. I free form cut her big bulbous hair. 


Then I placed photos and embellishments. I left her eyes closed so that she appears to be thinking. I used oil paint to color her lips and cheeks.

Please visit the Scrapbooking Society Blog for more pictures and details about this layout. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Also, be sure to click Join Now from the main Scrapbooking Society home page to create your very own profile page free! 

Lisa Vance-Robinson, Scrapbooking Society editor-in-chief

P.S. Don’t forget Free Font Friday! Download the CK Concave font for free.

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One Response to Challenge Your Creativity With The Scrapbooking Society

  1. Blog Larson says:

    This is a great work! I kinda like your photographic memory and how you manage to keep the output creative and vintage! One important thing to enhance in scrapbooking is having a photographic memory which will help you design the needed output!
    As a seasoned scrappist my photographic memory has been hone through the years. It may be hard at the start but I’m telling you that at the end you’ll get the most of it.Scrapbooking is fun and an exciting activity!

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