CK & Me: July 2011

You’ve heard of a forklift. You’ve heard of a facelift. But have you heard of a scraplift? Of course you have! Just about every scrapbooker I know pulls inspiration from the ideas and creations of others. It’s one of the things that make the creative scrapbooking community so fun! Check out how these fantastic designers have scraplifted and drawn inspiration from pages published in Creating Keepsakes magazine in this installment of “CK & Me!”

When it comes to an issue of Creating Keepsakes, the cover layout is the first page we get to enjoy, and the layout featured on our March/April 2011 cover, created by Mou Saha, is definitely one to enjoy.

Check out how Connie Myers took Mou’s design and made it her own by switching up the colors a bit and changing the direction and size of the photo. What a happy birthday design this is, Connie. Thanks for sending it our way!


Our next “CK & Me” featured scrapbooker pulled ideas from both my “Growing, Growing, Gone” layout (top) and Izzy Anderson’s layout (bottom) on page 70 of the July/August 2011 issue.

Crystal Butler tells us that the misting on my layout and the overall design of Izzy Anderson’s sweet page inspired her to create this fun scrapbook page. Way to combine ideas to make your own amazing page, Crystal! Thanks for submitting.


Speaking of Izzy Anderson, she also found a little “CK & Me” inspiration in our July/August 2011 issue. It’s this fantastic page by Christina Smith that got her excited to create!

As you can see, Izzy found inspiration in the theme of Christina’s page. Izzy said she rarely scrapbooks about herself, but that the playful approach Christina took with her journaling got her excited to make her own random list. So happy to see you scrapbooking about yourself, Izzy. It’s a worthwhile effort that generations to come are going to love having. Thanks for sending your vibrant page and sharing your experience with us!

Send Us Your Work
Do you have a recent “CK & Me” experience you’d like to share with us? If so, we invite you to send an image of your layout to us at with “CK & Me” in the subject line. Please include the issue and page number where the page you scraplifted from can be found, as well as any notes on what inspired you to create. If your layout is selected and featured on our blog, we’ll send you a free special issue!

Now, let’s take a minute to congratulate these featured scrapbookers on a job very well done this month. We know they’ll love hearing from you.

Megan Hoeppner, creative editor

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9 Responses to CK & Me: July 2011

  1. Great layouts, ladies! I love that each of you made the layouts your own by switching things up a bit! Congrats on being featured!

  2. auntie em says:

    Beautiful LOs! I love seeing how scrappers use others LOs for inspiration and mix it with their own creativity to come up with something unique and personal. A couple of the scrapping forums I have joined send a LO design for inspiration to one person and then their LO is sent on to another person until they have all had a chance. It’s awesome to see how the design evolves!
    Sharing and caring is what scrapbooking is all about!
    Thank-you for sharing! :)

  3. DeeAnn Smith says:

    Great job with your blog! Very creative!

  4. Wonderful Layouts ladies! It is so nice to see someone I know published! Congrats Crystal!!!

  5. Marzee says:

    I love the designs featured here!

  6. pammie~k says:

    love all of these layouts (but I am a bit partial to Crystals – her work always shines!)

  7. Judy Ford says:

    great scraplift ideas!!! Love Crystal’s flutter by page!!!

  8. Izzy says:

    Thanks so much for the feature. I am always so inspired by the artists and projects in your magazine.

  9. Blog Larson says:

    I particularly love Crystal Butler’s creation! Although the other designs are still great, hers outshadowed them! Every scrapper wants to have the best design. Well, let’s accept the fact the someone’s creation would always top the list. But, like the principle I posted on my recent article, the main point of scrapbooking is not flaunting it to be the best but what matters is you, your family, friends and people who are remembered! Getting appreciated for what you’ve done is just the extra! :)

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