Card Ideas for Paper Crafters Giveaway

Sketches are a fantastic way to get started on scrapbook layout. By using a sketch you’ll know just how many photos to use on your layout, and the perfect way to arrange them. They’re so popular, that for every issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine we provide many sketches that you can download for free on our website. But did you know that sketches are also a great way to approach card-making?

In the latest special issue from our sister publication, Paper Crafts magazine, you’ll find 72 sketches for creating cards. Next to each sketch you’ll see 4 different cards that were all created using the sketch. No matter what your occasion is, you’ll be sure to find tons of ideas to help you with all your card making needs.

Check out the issue in our online store, and leave a comment below telling us what your favorite card-making occasion is for a chance to win a copy! Also, if you love making cards, then stop by our card-making forum on Club CK.

–Erin Weed, online editor

P.S. Don’t forget Free Font Friday! Download the CK Letterman font for free!

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79 Responses to Card Ideas for Paper Crafters Giveaway

  1. Jenny McGee says:

    I like making birthday and Christmas cards most. That must be because that is what I make most of the time. I just made a very pretty sympathy card, those are harder to make, too sad.

  2. I’ve just started getting into making cards, and I can always use more ideas!

  3. jen shears says:

    birthday cards are probably my fave!! :D

  4. Melinda Wilson says:

    My favorite card making occasions are usually random Thinking of You or Just a Note to Say Hi.

  5. 3dotsforme says:

    My fav time to make cards is anytime but I am quite partial to anniversary cards.

  6. erin t says:

    Just because cards, and especially if they have a coffee cup on them.

  7. Melanie McK says:


    What a great idea. So often I color a great image and then end up making the same basic rectangular card with two panels, one ribbon and a sentiment.

    Already I can see a great idea from the cover!

    Please pick me. Love from Mel xxx

  8. Charmaine says:

    I love making Get Well cards, because it often uplifts someone who is ill. They love the idea that someone thought enough of them not only to get them a card but to “make” them one. The feeling is priceless.

  9. mandi says:

    I love to do birthday card because it make someones special day a little more special.

  10. Madelyn says:

    Christmas cards are my favorite. I plan them out months in advance.

  11. Melissa says:

    I love to make birthday cards!

  12. Heather Schienbein says:

    i love making all cards, escpecially thank-you cards.

  13. Of all the occasions,my husband’s anniversary makes me more excited to start a card. And yes, I totally agree, sketches make great cards. =)

  14. Donna S. says:

    Birthday cards are a personal way to show someone you care enough to make it for them. Holiday family cards are another favorite. Thanks!

  15. I love to make birthday cards! And having a sketch to get me started makes it so much easier and more enjoyable.

  16. Karen Care' says:

    I love thinking of you cards. Everyone loves to know that someone took the time to remember them!

  17. calamityjane says:

    I just love making cards!!! Christmas cards are probably my favorite holiday card. But just general cards…birthday and Thinking of You cards are the most fun. These are the ones I make more personal. I’d love to win this issue!!!

  18. Denise says:

    About the only cards I used to make were Christmas cards which I loved doing, but the last 1.5 years I have been making cards to send to my sister-in-law every week who was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, I won’t be making them any more for her, but I did enjoy coming up with new ideas.

  19. bunnyfreak says:

    I love making Just because cards.

  20. Carmen says:

    I love making birthday cards – because there are lots to make during the year, I can personalize them to the individual, and they’re Happy cards! Seems like I’m making lots of sympathy cards lately instead :(.

  21. Sabrina Mix says:

    My favorite card-making occasion are birthdays. Every month I make a lot of cards to send my friends.


  22. Pendra says:

    I love to make occasion cards for my Mother in Law and my grandchildren… like birthday, halloween, christmas, and cards to feel better, 1st and last days of school. Thanks for a chance to win this… I truly love sketches and it would be so great to have this for the wonderful inspiration!

  23. SandyL says:

    Holiday cards are my favorite! Any holiday :)

  24. Megan M. says:

    I love to make cards for every occasion! I used to have a difficult time finding cards that really said what I wanted them to say, so I started making my own cards using my scrapbooking supplies! (Which also saves me money :) )

  25. Melissa Armstrong says:

    I love any kind of cards, but I think baby and birthdays are my favorite! Halloween is my favorite holiday to make things for, but I just don’t see many people wanting a Happy Halloween card =(

  26. Whitney says:

    I LOVE Christmas cards and Get Well cards.

  27. Hattie says:

    I am just starting to make my cards, I used to work for a major greeting card company….my favorite card to make (so far) is birthday cards.

  28. Birthday Cards! Fun to celebrate with a personal touch.

  29. Linda says:

    My favorite cards are get-well and Christmas cards

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