Weekly Warm Up: 5 Creative Ways to Journal About School

Schedule by Angie Cramer. As seen in Journaling Solutions for Scrapbooks.

Journaling about school on your scrapbook pages doesn’t have to feel as tedious as homework. Try one or more of these 5 creative and quick ideas to journal about school.

1. Make a photocopy of your child’s school schedule as a quick way to journal about how he spends his days.

2. Add school newsletters to your page layouts. The newsletters will give an idea of the school’s philosophy as well as a “round up” of important events going on at school.

3. Collect anouncements and tickets associated with school carnivals and fairs, and include them on a scrapbook page.

4. Include a campus map on your layout. Circle classrooms and buildings where your child attended classes.

5. Graduation is for everyone—from preschool students to PhDs. Celebrate your (or your child’s) achievements by including diplomas, or photocopies of diplomas, in your scrapbooks.

You’ll find these tips and hundreds more in the collection of ideas in Journaling Solutions for Scrapbooks.

Or,  enter to win a copy by leaving a comment here telling us your favorite journaling technique. We’ll randomly choose 2 winners and post their names on the Giveaways tab Friday, September 30.





Jennafer Martin, editor-in-chief

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75 Responses to Weekly Warm Up: 5 Creative Ways to Journal About School

  1. Mel H says:

    I usually revert to my journalism training and work with the 5w’s, but I’m trying to add more emotion to my journaling…but I still manage to stick in at least the people, location and date, so that history is not lost later on as well.

  2. suzeyq says:

    I want to try list journaling. I usually go with the storytelling approach and sometimes am too wordy.

  3. charlene says:

    One of the fastest ways to journal is just to do a list–10 fave things you say, 10 things we did on vacation, etc. It gets something on paper fast!

  4. Julie says:

    I either tend to journal too much (diary-style) or way too little (not at all), so I’m not sure I have a technique. I love all the suggestions here though! What great ideas!

  5. Carmen says:

    I haven’t done much scrapbooking, so the only journaling I’ve done is to just write in the “white-spaces”. I’m enjoying reading the comments to get some different ideas.

  6. Jenny McGee says:

    One fun way to journal is to use tags and just add bits and pieces of journaling. All having to do with something different. Thanks for a chance to win.

  7. Nita says:

    Journaling is the most difficult part of scrapping for me, so I would love to get this book to find way to simplify it.

  8. Sue D says:

    I am a beginner so I just write basic info–who, what, where and when.

  9. Deb says:

    I love to journal on little tags, particularly with lines on to keep my journaling nice and neat!

  10. Kim says:

    I would love to share a favourite journaling technique but until I have a great book like this as an inspiration I am dumb and desperate!

  11. c@rol w says:

    I’m an emotional kind of person. I just simply write from my heart and then go back and edit for proper grammar.

  12. Sue says:

    I consider journaling one of the most important parts of a page and never do a page without it. I usually handwrite my journaling and leave lots of room to make sure I tell the entire story I want to tell.

  13. Candy says:

    I like to make pockets hidden or otherwise, for my journaling. This allows me to add journaling later or make more personal.

  14. Izzy Bean says:

    I always keep a notebook with me so I can write down funny things or anything I like to remember about a conversation. I also like to use the Q and A format for journaling. That’s an easy way to tell a story.

  15. heather garl says:

    the style I use most is to write a small summary of the event or my feelings on the event

  16. photochic says:

    I love using journaling strips on my laoyuts!!

  17. Trena p says:

    I use jouraling tags with my own handwriting. At first I wasn’t fond of my own handwriting in the journaling but it has grown on me.

  18. Jen H says:

    I like to use my label maker.

  19. JeanD says:

    One of the things I like to record is a list of major themes covered in each school year. Also random facts like 4 things to remember about Year 4

  20. Kristin O. says:

    I love to read witty journaling. So I mull over my story in my head for some time, days even, until I come up with a humorous spin. This book would be a great resource!!

  21. Sav O'G says:

    OHHH! I love reading other people’s journaling–I find that sometimes I don’t know what to write. I also LOOOOOOOVE looking at their handwriting. I love printing my journaling out with different fonts!

  22. Melinda Wilson says:

    I usually type a lot of my journaling and will use bullets.

  23. Pamk says:

    I type most of mine and I do then look it over the next afterwards then print and adhere that way I catch my typos. If I handwrite then I do in pencil and write it in pen over it after I check it out.

  24. Katie says:

    I don’t show much of my handwriting on my layouts, if I am going to write a lot I like ‘hidden journaling’ so it doesn’t look messy on the page. I love the ali edwards script! Thanks for sharing!

    Katie B.

  25. Wendy Orme says:

    I like to journal with lists sometimes, for example: on a layout about my son’s love for his hamster I put a list of “10 reasons why I love Speedy”.

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