Trend Talk: Chevron


I’m delighted to welcome a guest blogger today. Courtney Smith, senior editor for Paper Crafts magazine, is here to talk trends with me this month. The name of this gal’s game is trends, so it’s a real pleasure to have her here. Welcome, Courtney!


Thanks, Megan! I’m thrilled to be here. One of my favorite trends right now is the chevron pattern. I like that it’s so versatile and works with so many different styles, and that it can be translated across so many mediums from home décor and fashion to gifts and paper arts.


M: I totally agree. Its geometric shape and diagonal lines look great on so many surfaces. Check out this fun and funky pillow by Anthropologie. I love how the pattern was sewn at an angle, and the multiple colors within the print. Very cool!

C: That is a great pillow! I’m with you on liking the use of multiple colors. It reminds me of this amazing hardwood floor, found at Isn’t it unique?

M: Very! Something like that would look awesome in a craft room. For other rooms in the house, a more neutral option may be in order, like this sassy orange chevron rug from There’s even a tutorial for making your own rug!

C: The great thing about this pattern is that it can be used in so many ways, from flooring to wall treatments. If you can believe it, the print on this wall was created using contact paper. You can find a tutorial at Sabbe Interior Design.

M: Wow! Very clever. You’re right, the chevron pattern is a nice choice for so many home décor options. Here’s a lively living room with chevron pieces throughout, found at

C: Yes, and it’s not only versatile in home décor but also fashion. I love how the metal pieces on this necklace from Giles & Brother are strung to form a chevron pattern. I have a similar bracelet, and it goes with so many things.

M: Courtney, you’re one of the most on-trend fashionistas I know. If you’re wearing chevron, it’s gotta be cool. Makes me want to run out and buy this bold chevron shirt from Atlantic-Pacific. Look out, runway, here I come! ;)

C: Thanks, Megan. And thanks for inviting me to play along today. I’ll leave you with a chevron card, designed by Go-to Gal, Kim Kesti, and featured in our May/June 2011 issue of Paper Crafts magazine.

M: Love it and love you! Thanks for being here and talking about this happy trend this month.


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4 Responses to Trend Talk: Chevron

  1. Erika Hayes says:

    WOW! this is a great article… I love how you have taken a pattern I am a little afraid of and made me want to go scrapbook it! I love all the beautiful ideas and that card (not only because Kim is my friend) is ADORABLE! I love love love it… I am feeling so inpsired… thanks CK and PC!

  2. Mou says:

    Really neat!

  3. Stephanie DiSabato says:

    I love the chevron striped paper by My Minds Eye in their Lime Twist line.

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