Creativity Heals: Lessons from Our Trials

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I have a secret to tell you today: creativity heals. But I bet you already knew that! I have recently rediscovered the healing power of creating. I lost my brother to cancer and I spent the weeks during his hospital stay and after his death doodling inspirational quotes. This helped heal my soul during a difficult time and renewed my love of creating.

One of the benefits of creating to heal is documenting the things you have learned through a challenging time. And there are always lessons in our trials! Putting them down in writing can help us release our inner feelings and find closure along the way.

Mom to Many mini album cover

I wanted to share with you a project that demonstrates the healing power of creating. This album was seen in the “Creativity Heals” article in the January/February issue of Creating Keepsakes.  My goal was to make a really artistic and free-flowing album, as the greatest therapy for me comes from not having any defined rules as I create. So I pulled out all my mixed media supplies including paints, mists and masks and got started.

"Mom to Many" mini album (first pages)

The focus of this project was the journaling. I wanted to document the process I have gone through in coming to an understanding and acceptance of why I have lost so many pregnancies to miscarriage. As we go through our trials, we often cannot understand their purpose and so we feel angry and hurt. But later, looking back on them, we may have a different vision. We can see the why and realize the trial was actually a blessing in disguise.

"Mom to Many" mini album (second spread)

I wanted this healing journal to be happy, so I used bright colors, happy photos of my blessings, and uplifting words and thoughts. Maybe you are not to the place in your healing yet that you can look on a trial as a blessing, so your healing journal may be a more dark expression of your pain. And that is okay too! Just get it out and put it down—no rules apply here! No one has to see it but you, and it is your place to pour out your heart.

I find that counting my blessings always helps me better deal with the painful things in life. By documenting those blessings, we might get back to a place of happiness after a trial. This can be a reminder of all that is good in our lives and help put things in perspective allowing us to move forward.

"Mom to Many" mini album (fourth spread)

As you create and document the tough trials in your life, you might actually come full circle and end up finding yourself back in a happy place. My documentation led me to the conclusion that life is perfect just the way it is. Had I not put all this in writing, I might not have realized that! I challenge you all to let your creativity heal you by putting your heart and soul into your creations. Document the pain, the hurts, the blessings, and the lessons learned along the way. I’m sure you will find as I have that the healing power of creating is no big secret after all! Happy creating!!!

Suzy Plantamura, CK Dream Team designer





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16 Responses to Creativity Heals: Lessons from Our Trials

  1. Nancy says:

    Free Font Friday – when you click on it – it ways Bad Request

  2. Louise says:

    I get the same when you click on it …says bad request ?

  3. Such a powerful message…life is perfect just the way it is. It’s good to be reminded of that every now and then. Your Journal is a wonderful documentation and beautifully presented.

  4. faygie says:

    wow! awesome work both creatively and emotionaly.

  5. Wendy says:

    This is a great idea. I did something like this when my stepmom passed away, and it helped me so much. Your book is wonderful!

  6. creatingkeepsakes says:

    @Nancy and @Louise,

    Thanks for catching that! The link has been updated.

  7. SandraA says:

    Beautiful, just as I expected. I’ve been searching for ways to scrapbook about my pain/loss (lost my brother/mom/sister in past 5 years). Will start with scrapbooking my blessings. Such a simple, yet powerful message.

  8. Bonnie Cuddihy says:

    My greatest teacher about personal pain was my mother. She lost 2 children, her father left her mother with 3 small children to raise in the 1920’s. When I was pregnant with my only child she said, “The pain in not in having a child, it’s in losing a child.” Although I had friends that were going through pregnancy at the same time, I never whined or complained. All I could think of was mother’s words and prayed for a healthy baby. And I won the lottery with my daughter.

  9. Candy says:

    It’s hard for me to write my pain down. Reading it later I get all embarrassed. So weird, but I would rather not remember. I admire those who can.

  10. Mou says:

    Beautiful Suzy!

  11. Rebecca Aziz says:

    Reading this made my heart sing and also break knowing how hard the road can be after a traumatic loss of a loved one. Im sorry for your loss Suzy, but I can see the love you poured into the pages of your journal has helped you as it also helped me.

    I lost my second child Yasminah Ann at 37 weeks in utero and had to experience the silent birth of my first and long awaited daughter. Being creative by nature and an avid scrapper/artist I had always written in a journal and was so thankful that after her loss I had my journal to read back on the happy memories. But then I needed to work through my pain and grief and began by scrapbooking the memories of her birth and then thought I could create journals for other families to receive when they also faced similar circumstances.

    26th May 2010, exactly 1 year and 2 months after Yasminah was stillborn “Yasminah’s Gift Of Hope” the non profit charity set up in her memory donated our first journal ~ a Gift Of Hope to a family who had lost their second child in neonatal intensive care unit. I created this in the hope that something that helped me so immensley after the loss of my own daughter would also be able to help another family heal and give them hope for the future as they learnt to live with a piece of their heart missing. Yasminah’s Gift Of Hope has since donated over 5000 journals to families all around Australia and some overseas. We also hope to help the healing process a little by sharing inspirational and heartwarming quotes about hope, love, grief, memories through our facebook page. I would love for you to visit our website and facebook page to see the work we do. It’s so wonderful to see the papercraft community sharing a lesson on how to heal from loss through the power of positive thinking and creativity.

    Lots of Love and Light Bec x

  12. Karyn says:

    My sister passed away at seven months of age an d there wer only three pics of her ever, sadly. Since she was a few years older than myself I don’t know how to feel about the loss but this is a great idea for me to go ahead and get those thoughts written down anyways.

  13. sanztosi says:

    I very like this!!!!

  14. Troy Bridges says:

    Thank you for sharing. I believe creative expression does in fact help with any healing and emotional stress that you may be experiencing. I like your comment about not being tied to any specific format or guideline but allowed yourself to be free to create as you see fit. I this is the key to helping the process heal and de-stress. You have to be true to yourself and not care about who or what, but just let it flow from your heart.

  15. Mendi Yoshikawa says:

    Wow! So inspiring and I love the happy colors! I am just getting ready to start a smash book and this is exactly the style I was wanting to go for. Thanks for sharing! :)

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