Creativity Heals: The Power of the Written Word

Because we scrapbook, we are aware that each of us has a life story. At times it might feel like a romance, at other times a comedy, and at others a difficult drama or mystery novel. It is important to document all of these different chapters in our lives through journaling, doodling, and scrapbooking.

I have recently been going through a really tough chapter in my life novel, filled with difficulties and challenges. I have turned to inspirational quotes to help me get through it, and doodling has become my favorite pastime.

The Power of the Written Word by Suzy Plantamura.

There is a great deal of power in the written word, as my quote above describes. My love of quotes started after I established a Pinterest account. I gather (and “pin”) many quotes that speak to me and inspire me during this chapter of my life. I find doodling my favorite quotes to be very therapeutic.

Without a Little Rain by Suzy Plantamura.

All you need to start your own journal is a notebook with plain paper and a black fine tip marker. I like to use the books you can purchase at art and craft stores that are made for mixed media so the paper is about 90 pounds and markers don’t bleed through it.

Learning to doodle takes practice, and I often write my quotes down several times before I am happy with them. If you don’t enjoy writing, but enjoy coloring, you can download many quotes from online and color them in. Or you can type your favorite quotes or your thoughts and use an outline font and print them. The important part is getting your thoughts in writing!

I take my writing journal with me everywhere I go. I use it in church to write down the main points I learn. The other day, I took it with me to the beach and found it to be quite useful! The last time I had been at this particular beach was with my brother who recently passed away. As I sat there remembering our moments together, I started writing my thoughts down. I love this little poem I wrote because it captures my feelings while I was in a vulnerable state. Thank goodness I had my journal and pen with me!

Our Time Here Together by Suzy Plantamura.

Another idea is to attach journaling cards with removable adhesive inside your journal. Then when you are sitting at a school function or a sports event feeling proud of your child, you can jot down your feelings right then to use on a layout later. Your journal can be used anyway you want it to. I challenge you all to just start writing—I know it will help you heal and capture all of the chapters in your lives! Here are a few more doodled quotes to motivate you to get started with your own journaling and doodling books!

Live Laugh Love by Suzy Plantamura.

The Desire to Create by Suzy Plantamura.

Make the Rest the Best by Suzy Plantamura.

Suzy PlantamuraCK Dream Team member

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16 Responses to Creativity Heals: The Power of the Written Word

  1. charlene says:

    Beautiful words written beautifully by you, Suzy!

  2. Brenda B. says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Writing is indeed a wonderful way to heal when life is challenging.

  3. Leanne says:

    Wow!! You have inspired me so much. I love your typographic sensitivity. Great job!

  4. Pedita Hall says:

    Suzy, these are amazing! What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing what sounds a harrowing time for you, but using creativity to move ahead.

  5. Jessica Noethlich says:

    Suzy, these are all absolutely beautiful!!! ♥ Creativity is a wonderful way to bring us closer to healing! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!! :) (((HUGS)))

  6. Katie says:

    Love this post, I wish I could ‘doodle’ that well! Anyway, loved seeing and reading the quotes and the idea behind them! Thank you for sharing!

    Katie B.

  7. So sorry for your loss. Your artwork is amazing and heartfelt, belongs in a book or magazine for sure. WOW!

  8. Susan o. says:

    Suzy, these are beautiful. I’m going to try to make some this summer. I might have to invest in some copies.

  9. RamonaP says:


  10. Wendy Orme says:

    These are so awesome! Do you have a place where I could download them?. I’d love to have b&w versions that I could color.

  11. Hope says:

    such great ideas to use scrapping and journaling for helping to heal. That is very sad about your brother – my heart goes out to your family.

  12. Carol M. says:

    This post is so wonderful! Journaling is important! I love how you doodle and wish I had some of that talent. But alas, I’m just a writer of thoughts. Which works for me!!! Sorry to hear of your loss! My tprayers are with you & your family!!!

  13. Carol B says:

    Suzy thank you for sharing. I am sorry that you have been going through a rough time. I, too, have been having some tough times and began an art journal to help me process my feelings, it really does help.

    Carol B

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