Trend Talk with Joey Manwarren: Neon Colors in Scrapbooking

What’s crackalackin’? It’s time to go back in time with this month’s trend talk, brought you by the talented Joey Manwarren, which is all about neon. That’s right, you bettys and studs, we’re talkin’ the gnarly colors from the 1980s. But, as you’ll see, these colors have a very modern feel, making them perfect for use today. Cowabunga! Take it away, Joey!

Thanks, Megan. I am thrilled to be here talking about a reoccurring trend in fashion, décor and nature: neon! Flash back to the 1980s, anyone? Now don’t cringe just yet!  Let’s explore the tasteful and sophisticated side of neon.

When paired with neutrals, and used sparingly, neon colors can attract attention in a positive way. This stunning dress doesn’t scream, “where’s my hair crimper?” but instead highlights the beauty of a woman’s figure.

Dress with neon pink trim

Adding little neon touches to cards and wrapping paper are fun ways to add a pop of color and interest to your gift giving. Take a peek at Decor8blog for more ideas.

Add neon touches to gift wrapping and cards

Whether you are planning a wedding or a summer party, neon colors can make a bold yet beautiful statement, like these ideas highlighted on Bride Finds.

Neon touches from Bride Finds

Neon is always in style in nature! Check out this photo on Etsy.

Neon lizard photo

I couldn’t resist dabbling in this crazy-bright color palette!  Here is a layout I created using a few neon pops of color:

"Art Time" scrapbook layout by Joey Manwareen for Creating Keepsakes magazineArt Time by Joey Manwarren. SuppliesDigital supplies: Anna Aspnes, Katie Pertiet, and Mindy Terasawa; font: CK Marissa.

When planning your next craft project, why not entertain the thought of using a little pop of neon in the mix?   Here is a Pantone color swatch I found at Fashion Trend Setter that is full of neon colors to help you get started.

Yes, neon is like, totally tubular. Thanks for opening our eyes to the colorful possibility, Joey!

Megan Hoeppner, creative editor, and Joey Manwarren, CK Dream Team designer

Megan Hoeppner, Creating Keepsakes creative editorJoey Manwarren

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2 Responses to Trend Talk with Joey Manwarren: Neon Colors in Scrapbooking

  1. Megan says:

    I usually use primary and bright colors but shy away from neons. Thanks for showing that a little bit of neon can make pages really pop without being too much.

  2. Dee says:

    I really love NEON lime green! Every time I make a card using it and pink – people just love the cards. Thanks for showing me that it’s not just me who loves neon.

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