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What is it about back–to-school time that just makes you smile? I have always loved paper, pencils, new crayons, and all the goodness that goes with it. I think that as an avid scrapbooker and paper crafter, I have always had an inherent love of anything and everything that relates to paper.  As I grew up, my love of all things back-to-school changed from new notebooks to the latest patterned paper releases, and from shiny new crayons to the next big paper crafting tool available.

As a back-to-school gift for the teacher(s) in your life, try making this teacher goodie bag, complete with supplies the teacher may need for the classroom—pencils, pens, scissors (of course), stickers, and even little prizes for the students. It’s not only cute, but functional and helpful as well!

To create the labels, use Fiskars Fuse Creativity System and the curvy square die. Now, as a staff member here at Fiskars, I feel it my duty to continually push the boundaries with our tools in an effort to try and see what they can really do, as well as what they can handle.  So I decided to see if it could handle cutting Chalkstock, which is notoriously thick and stiff and can be a tad difficult to cut. It cut through four pieces at once and didn’t even flinch!

Write on each label with a white paint pen to get the effect of chalk without having to worry about it rubbing off. Tie them on, and hot glue the prize label to the top of the little container with some ribbon.

To finish this side up, tie up the pens and pencils with tulle to create little bouquets.

For the other side of the tote, focus on some items that the teacher herself might enjoy.

Include some snacks, a personalized tumbler, and some blank note cards.

Using the Fiskars Fuse, the mirror design set and expansion pack, create a little glittered bird embellishments.

This is now one of my favorite tricks with the Fuse…  I am honestly slightly obsessed.

Instead of using an ink pad to letterpress the paper, I use a Glue Pad. Then, as soon as it runs through the machine, I add glitter to the glued portion of the design to add some additional sparkle and shine. It is a glittery letterpressed result.

For the tumbler, use the glue technique, and then add some baker’s twine and the teacher’s initial to the paper cut out to match the template provided with the tumbler.

For the note cards, add glue to the bird, leaving the lines without glitter. Leaving the cards blank allows the teacher to easily add “Thank You,” “Just a note…” or other message with a simple stamp or handwriting as she needs them. Teachers send so many little notes home during the year that supplying them with some fun and simple ones as a little thank you will be helpful.

Add all the other items to the tote and it’s ready to go on the first day of school.

Because this is super quick and easy, it won’t take long to replicate for multiple teachers if needed And, oh darn, I guess I will have to head back to the store for more school supplies and more brand new pencils.  I hope you have a great back to school season and happy crafting!





Stephenie Hamen

I am the current Content and Social Media Manager for Fiskars Americas. You can find tons of great projects and inspiration on our website. I also craft on my own time, because, well, I am just one of those super-crafty people who just live and breathe it.  More of my creations can be found on my personal blog, My Crafty Adventures.


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6 Responses to Create an Easy & Fun Teacher Gift

  1. Margie Van Evera says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beth W says:

    Go Steph-great tutorial!

  3. Tamika says:

    What a neat idea! I have to add this to my to do list~

  4. Donna Woods says:

    Super cute gift! I am sure the recipient will adore all your attention to detail.

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