Websters Pages: Hide these Words in Your Pages

Courtney Walsh

Courtney Walsh with Webster's Pages

When I first started teaching my “Scrapbooking Your Faith” class at Big Picture, I was surprised to learn that many people prefer not to openly document their faith. While I’m pretty open about my beliefs, this is, for many, a personal journey. And in some ways, putting it on display can be uncomfortable—or at the very least, challenging.

While you can choose store these private thoughts under the lock and key of a diary stowed under your mattress, you can also create layouts that celebrate your spiritual journey…without sacrificing your privacy.

This is where pocket pages come in. Years ago, hidden journaling was a pretty popular technique in scrapbooking, but you don’t see it so much anymore. In fact, the trend seems to lean toward not journaling at all. I get it, it’s tricky to incorporate a big fat block of text on a layout. But what if what you’re trying to say is important?

What if you could use your scrapbooking to build the confidence, faith or self esteem of someone you love?

This layout is for my niece, Emery. I wanted to take promises I found in Scripture, “truths” taken straight from the Bible, and turn them into a “pocket full of promises” page she could have forever. After all, these words (and these promises) will never change.

I made my layered photo mat into a pocket by adhering the cream colored cardstock only on the bottoms and sides. I left the top open so I could slide my journaling strips inside for easy access. Another great bonus is that this layout is for a little girl, and an interactive page is a wonderful way to keep her interest.

As a scrapbooker, you have a unique gift to encourage those around you. Tie that gift into your spiritual beliefs and you have an incredible resource for inspiring the ones you love.

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4 Responses to Websters Pages: Hide these Words in Your Pages

  1. betty lou says:

    Great post! I don’t mind openly declaring my faith…need and should do it more often…, but I love the idea of the pocketful of promises, His promises, for my grandkids! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Laurie says:

    This is great! I love scrapbooking about my faith (both the highs and lows). I put those pages in my book of me. Sometimes the journaling is hidden and other times I put it out in the open. It just depends on the layout and my mood.

  3. Thanks for sharing — I do need to share these things more often that I do! I’m great at documenting, but creating encouraging pages I need to really work on more! I appreciate this encouragement.

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