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Becky Higgins

I’m an old friend to Creating Keepsakes and honored that the editors asked me to pop in and say hello as a guest here today. I was a part of the CK staff for 12 years, wearing various hats as a creative editor, teacher, author, and product designer. All of this amazing experience brought me to a place of starting my own company just over 3 years ago. The journey continues! I’ll always have a very special place in my heart for Creating Keepsakes.



If you haven’t heard of it, Project Life is a memory-keeping system that simplifies the process of scrapbooking. No scissors, no adhesive, no techniques, and certainly no skills are required. It is quite the thrill to see so many people all over the world have a whole new perspective on scrapbooking because of this back-to-basics approach of slipping photos into pockets and adding captions and stories on pre-designed Journaling Cards.

My personal philosophy of scrapbooking has evolved over the years and currently revolves around the idea that you can complete an entire scrapbook with just these items.

It’s really so simple, even kids are doing it.

Page by Claire Higgins, age 6

Pages by Kayla Baird, age 14

As a lifetime scrapbooker, trust me – I’ve enjoyed my fair share of making hundreds of “traditional” or creative layouts. So I totally relate to those who love to play with paper and techniques and fun embellishments. And that’s why even though Project Life is “meant” to appeal most to those who don’t have the extra time or interest in creativity … we have found that creative scrapbookers love the pocket system of Project Life too!

Pages by MaryAnn Perry from the 2012 Project Life Creative Team

With the exponential growth of Project Life over the past few years, demand is at an all-time high. We recently announced a new partnership with American Crafts who most of you are likely familiar with. They are a scrapbooking manufacturer that has been around since the beginning of this industry and I am beyond thrilled that they are making it possible for Project Life to reach the retail scene all over the world. Beginning in Spring 2013 Becky Higgins products will be sitting on the shelves of your favorite local scrapbooking or craft store. You can learn more about the details of this announcement here.

And speaking of those who love the creative aspect of scrapbooking … another new partnership we recently announced is that with Studio Calico! They cater to the scrapbookers and paper crafters who love to play and also love the pocket system of Project Life. Studio Calico specialize in shipping beautifully coordinated kits right to your door and you can learn more about them, and the blend of Studio Calico + Project Life here.

In the end … we all love our pictures. We all have a story. I know most of you have a desire to capture slices of life, document the everyday … the big stuff and the little stuff. We all want a safe place to put our memories and we want to enjoy the process of putting it all together. There are so many different ways to approach this wonderful hobby and if you weren’t familiar with Project Life before today, I’m so pleased that you know about it now. Your enthusiasm for scrapbooking just might move up a few notches!

Photo by Deb Duty from the 2012 Project Life Creative Team

Pop on over to and watch our catchy little 1:24 video. We have a slew of new products just around the corner from arriving. Next up? Our Baby Editions. Talk about a solution for documenting that first year of life!

PS – Be sure to check out two fonts sold by Creating Keepsakes, that are very near and dear to my heart. CK Sketch is my brother Jonathan’s handwriting. He just lost his battle to cancer in September of this year. CK Simple is my brother Steven’s handwriting. All proceeds from the sale of these fonts will go to my brother’s family. This special opportunity ends January 31, 2013.

Don’t forget to take advantage of my Black Friday special as well. Everything will be 20% off!

Thanks for stopping by.

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3 Responses to Project Life: Becky Higgins

  1. Marcia M. Marques Ribeiro says:

    Please, were can I buy this wonderfull thing Project Life, here in Brasil?

  2. nomorerack says:

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  3. erica K says:

    Before I’d heard about scrapbooking, I used to slip little pieces of paper with captions on them over the top of my photos in my albums. This is definitely a much prettier option…plus those little papers never wanted to stay put! :D

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