Happy Thanksgiving!

Natalie McConnell, Editor

I hope you are all enjoying this fabulous time with family and friends as you stuff yourself full of turkey, rolls, yams, and a plethora of other yummy things Thanksgiving brings!

For me, Thanksgiving is really a time to celebrate and remember the traditions you have created over the years…or laughing about times when traditions go haywire. And for me, most of those fun stories are about Thanksgiving food. Check out the rest of this blog for one of my favorite Thanksgiving memories and fabulous inspiration for your Thanksgiving dinner layouts.

My First Turkey by Stacy Cohen. Featured in Nov/Dec 2011

Storytime…I was living in London, and it was my first Thanksgiving without the fam. My other American flatmate and I decided to host a Thanksgiving for over 30 people, and then realized that turkeys in England are a little hard to come by in November! When we finally found one, carried it home on the bus, and got it into our kitchen, we made another discovery—our British oven was a bit on the wee side, and our bird wouldn’t fit! Lucky for us we knew some people that lived about ¾ of a mile away that did have a large enough oven. Unlucky for us, we did not have a car. But what won’t you do for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner? Needless to say, we dressed the bird, wrapped it in tin foil, rode the bus down to the other flat, put it in for 4 hours, and then went back to fetch it. That’s when the real fun began. I don’t know if you have ever tried to carry a 24lb bird, fully cooked with stuffing and boiling juice inside, for ¾ of a mile, but it is an adventure. We couldn’t take the bus because it was too bumpy, so my flatmate and I carried it all the way home! It was the most well-deserved and best-tasting turkey I have ever had!

Take a break from cooking and let creativity trump your turkey coma with these fun Thanksgiving food-inspired layouts!

Tradition by Joey Manwarren. Featured in Nov/Dec 2012









Take behind-the-scenes photos and a close-up of the finished product to showcase your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner.

A Lifetime of Love by Lisa VanderVeen. Featured in Nov/Dec 2011








Do you have recipes passed down from your grandmother and mom–family secrets whipped up on Thanksgiving day? Preserve their handwriting and memories by scanning recipe cards and featuring them on your layout.

Pumpkin Pie by Amy Peterman. Featured in Nov/Dec 2012








Create fun accents for your layout that help emphasize your scrumptious Thanksgiving food! Create a fun pumpkin or make turkeys out of your child’s hand prints.

Enjoy this Thanksgiving and remember all the little and big things that you have to be thankful for! Check out Creating Keepsakes’ Nov/Dec 2012 issue for more fun ideas to preserve your Thanksgiving memories.

Happy Holidays!

Natalie McConnell


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2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Brenda B. says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving in London story. I got a great chuckle while reading it.

  2. Katie B. says:

    Loved hearing about your Thanksgiving in London! Sounds like it was a great feat but totally worth it! And you were lucky you had a roomate to help you! My friend is in Japan now in the military and she said that she had Thanksgiving at her house because she was the only one with a kitchen – so everyone on base came over to help her make the Turkey (she had never made one – and doesn’t cook). Thank you for sharing.

    Katie B.

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