Fondest Holiday Memories: Part 2

Merry Christmas! We are so happy you dropped by to spend some of your holiday with us.

Yesterday, we shared several of our fondest holiday memories. And today, we wanted to share a few more. We hope you enjoy them!

Megan Hoeppner, creative editor

I have many wonderful holiday memories that fill my heart, but it’s starting new traditions with my baby girl that takes the holiday cake this year. Some of my favorite moments we’ve shared with her this season include selecting our little Christmas tree, decking the halls with jingle bells and shiny things, getting dressed up in our Santa hats, and visiting the big man, himself. Ho ho ho!


Photo by Megan Hoeppner

What a blessed Christmas season it’s been! Merry Christmas to you and yours. -Warmly, Megan Hoeppner

Annette Hardy, Assistant Events Coordinator

Awe No Rice?

One of my favorite holiday memories is of our Events team Christmas party in 2011.  We went to a local culinary shop called Orson Gygi for a cooking class.  It was so much fun, and we learned how to make Chinese food. The menu was Mongolian Beef, Orange Chicken, Salt & Pepper Shrimp, Asian Chicken Salad, and Mango Rice Pudding.

The company was great, the learning was fun and the teacher was patient. It’s a good thing too! Todd and Ashley were in charge of making the Orange Chicken, Brooke and Mandy made Mongolian Beef, Carma and Jennie made the Salt & Pepper Shrimp.  Unfortunately, Annie was partnered with me, and we were in charge of making the Mango Rice Pudding.  Simple right? Think again!

Photo from Annette Hardy

Here is the Story:

Who knew it was so hard to cut a Mango, and if someone needed me to actually measure ingredients before adding it to the pot then they should have said so :/.  Needless to say that cooking is not my strong suit, so when everyone was dishing up the food for the table, the teacher looked at me and asked where the rice was for the lunch?, “The rice?” I said meekly as I suddenly turned into a 5 year old that got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. “Yes the rice” she said absolutely serious, “It’s in the pot.” I stated innocently, “ALL OF IT?” It was like a cartoon where you can almost see the red smoke coming out her ears. You see, our teacher had cooked 16 cups of rice and apparently, I was only supposed to have used 6 cups for the rice pudding and the rest was to go with the entrées. But oops, I used ALL 16! Uh oh, yah, I never was a very good student. And though I am a rebel at heart, (note the Gene Simmons apron while everyone else is in tidy white) I didn’t mean to use all of the rice so there wasn’t any to be served with lunch.

They made more rice while lunch was served, the teacher had a good sense of humor, and the lunch was super yummy. With a team such as ours we are together a lot, we work together, travel together and it was nice to party together too! I look forward to spending another great year with all of my friends at work that I consider family!
-Annette Hardy

Neko Castillo

Art Director, Neko Carillo

A favorite holiday memory for me as a little girl was going to Grandma Hansens house. She had a beautiful white tree and would play Jim Reeves Christmas music on the record player. She enjoyed drinking coke and that was the only time we were allowed. :)


Photo from Neko Cariollo

Photo from Neko Carillo

Photo from Neko CarilloPhotos of my siblings infront of Grame’s tree. (Love those old baby doll strollers!)

Jim Reeves Twelve Songs of Christmas album cover, Rarity Music

Album cover of Jim Reeves Christmas. :) -Neko Carillo


Joannie McBride, online editor


For me, Christmas Eve 2003 has to be my favorite holiday memory. My son Ben was born at 12:51 am that morning, and it was definitely the highlight of the holiday season for our family.


Photo from Joannie McBride








Photo from Joannie McBride











The Creating Keepsakes team wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday season!


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  1. Brenda B. says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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