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Mou Saha

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a layout based on a sketch from CK’s Scrapbooking Babies & Toddlers special issue!

If you are a new mom, you simply want to capture every precious moment of your baby. This issue is chockfull of ideas to inspire you to document these fleeting moments, create nursery décor, and much more. When you pick up a copy, don’t forget to check out the bonus sketches and downloadable free photo collage templates. That’s what I used to create my layout about my son when he was a few months old.

Here’s my starting point:


Free Downloadable Photo Collage, as seen in the Scrapbooking Babies & Toddlers special issue of Creating Keepsakes




And here’s my take. I used the sketch to document how my son used to love playing with my Dyson vacuum cleaner even though he had a nursery bursting at the seams with toys!

Dyson by Mou Saha




Supplies: Patterned papers & stickers: October Afternoon; Alphabet die and die-cutter: Sizzix; Pen and marker: Faber-Castell; Adhesive: 3M; Others: sewing machine, thread.

Here are a few close-up shots of the various details of how I interpreted the sketch.

Close-up 1

Close-up 2

Close-up 3

This was when he was 7 months old. Even though it seemed funny to me at that time that he preferred a vacuum cleaner to his toys, as he is growing up, I’m starting to connect the dots… he is interested in electronics and mechanical contraptions. There was actually a method to this madness! Can’t wait to see what he becomes when he grows up! Glad I had taken those pictures and this sketch helped me put that layout together in less than an hour!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post and don’t forget to check out Scrapbooking Babies & Toddlers for more inspiration and instructions.

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for dropping by!

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3 Responses to Free Downloadable Photo Collage Template

  1. Sheri K says:

    I find this so funny–my son was always intrigued with my vacuum cleaner too–and he was less than 2 years old when he took it apart one day–and I couldn’t get it together! He was also a builder of Lego’s, at age 5 he was building sets rated for age 12–he sometimes needed help putting the pieces together, he knew where they went, just didn’t have the hand development to do it. Today he’s an IT major in college, also has completed his film editing certificate, owns his own game server company, works for our church as the head tech person. So–yep–that is what you have to look forward to–computers being built on your dining room table!

  2. charlene says:

    so cute–the pics and the layout! Maybe he’ll invent another vacuum! Or just love loud things!

  3. txgrandma says:


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