More Fabulous Flowers with Amy Tangerine

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We are super excited that registration for our first two CK Scrapbook Conventions of the year have just kicked off.  One of our favorite classes brought back by popular demand is More Fabulous Flowers with Amy Tangerine.  How about we share with you a great flower technique that we are unfortunately unable to teach at the event, (due to strict open flame fire laws in convention centers J)! If you’ve seen these lovely flowers around and always wondered how to make them, check out this fun tutorial created by Carma Calder, our resident flower expert!

Supplies Needed:

1/8 yard 100% Polyester Fabric


Tea light candle or lighter (now can you see why we can’t teach this one in class J)

Scrap paper for assorted sized circles

Assorted circle punches

Once you have your supplies, cut three different size paper circles using the circle punches. Cut one small and one medium size circle on fold so that two of the circles are attached, (similar to a clam shape)


Cut around clam shaped template

Clam shaped fabric (cut three of each size)

Fold the polyester fabric in half then cut out the clam shaped pieces, on the fold. Cut three of each size clam shape then cut out circle pieces of fabric from the other circle patterns that you have.  You should have 18 different pieces of fabric, 6 clam shaped and 12 assorted circle pieces.   Note: For a fuller flower add more circles, for flatter do not use as many circles.

Use a tea light or candle to heat the edges of the fabric so it starts to curl up. Do this to all of the cut pieces of fabric.  BE CAREFUL some fabrics are more flammable than others:/ There is no need to put the fabric directly into the flame, just close enough to heat the edges. The fabric folds up beautifully.

Notice how she is buring the clam shaped fabric

Layer fabric pieces

Layer all of the flowers together from large to small interspersing the clam shaped ones between, then attach the flowers together using a needle and thread or a darling brad will do just as well to attach  the petals together.

Some other fun ideas would be to mix and match your patterns with solids, and different textures. These lovely flowers can adorn pages, cards or other paper crafting projects.  You can even create a pin with one or glue a hair clip to the back for just the right adornment to a great hair day.

For more fun flower techniques be sure to stop by a Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Convention near you for the More Fabulous Flowers with Amy Tangerine class.  Remember, classes are $2 cheaper when you purchase them online. Plus online registration assures you a seat in your favorite classes! So have fun making these cute fabric flowers and we’ll see you in class!

Thanks for stopping by!
– Annette Hardy

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