Maggie Holmes Shares a Little Yarn Ispiration!

Dream Team Member, Maggie Holmes

Thanks for stopping by the Creating Keepsakes blog today! I’m Maggie Holmes, and I’m happy to share one of my favorites crafting supply with you.

I am obsessed with yarn right now! It is so fun to pick out new colors at the craft store and bring them home with me! I instantly feel inspired and surrounded by lots of cozy goodness!! I love yarn for so many reasons….

1 – it comes in a TON of colors so you can choose whatever catches your eye at the moment

2 – it is relatively inexpensive and you get a LOT for your money.

3 – since you get so much you can use it again and again for many different projects

4 – there are SOOO many things you can do with yarn!

Here are a few different yarn projects I found on Pinterest that look super fun!! I’m definitely going to do the LOVE letters wrapped in yarn and display them for Valentine’s day!! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Create colorful yarn dessert toppers!

Display yarn in an old fashioned soda crate!

Create unique homespun wreaths with yarn!

Add buttons and fabric for an eye-catching look!

Wrap letters with yarn for instant home decor!

Sources of all images and links to tutorials can be found on my Crafts & Tutorials Pinterest Board.

Hope you enjoyed the inspiration!

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2 Responses to Maggie Holmes Shares a Little Yarn Ispiration!

  1. NADINE says:


  2. Love this inspiration. Might have to find some yarn and give something a try :-)

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