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Hi everyone!

I love taking photos but most of them are not ones I would scrapbook since they are flowers, mountains, clouds, and other random objects. But some of those images I really like and want to use them somehow. A few years ago I needed a Christmas present for my team members (all nine of them) and I thought of these photos. I also love collecting quotes. So I grabbed my photos, the list of quotes, and combined them to create a unique image that could be used as wallpaper on computers, screen savers, or printed.

It’s a very simple process and can be done in most photo editing software and even in Word, if you know how to work with images and text boxes.

Here are a few basic steps for creating this image:

First, open your image in a photo editor. Crop the image to maximize the image and space for the quote.

Next, select the text tool, select the font, font size, and font color and define the text area. Begin typing your quote or copy and paste the quote.

Resize as needed and save the image as a jpg (in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, use the option to Save for Web & Devices – this allows you to set the image size and resolution).

Voila! You know have an image with a quote that you can use in a variety of ways, including creative journaling on a layout. And feel free to save this image and use it – I’m happy to share.

Have fun creating!

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  1. I do that quite frequently. They make nice cards and postcards.

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