Valentine Inspiration!

Natalie McConnell, Editor

So, yes, this may be a bit predictable, but Valentine’s week only comes but once a year! And as it is also the anniversary of when my husband and I started dating, I admit that I am in a bit of a romantic mood.  Right about now you have less than a day to think up and create something fun and cute for your special someone (kids, partner, whoever), so here are few last minute ideas to inspire you.

Valentine’s Chalkboard Mug: Grab some pink chalkboard paint (yes it exists) and paint a heart on a ceramic mug using a stencil. Fill with some delicious goodies and you are set to go!

Jar of Love: This idea can be used a few ways; scraplift a canning jar using scrapbook supplies and then right reasons why you love someone OR write date ideas for the rest of the year. The date idea also makes a great wedding gift for new couples (be sure to get creative and add things like ‘Have a pillow fight and then make milkshakes!’

When All Else Fails: For those with a sweet tooth (and a taste for some cheese-tastic goodness), these fun sugar cookies are a must have. Hint: I always add a hint of almond into my sugar cookies for that extra pinch of scrumptiousness.

Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day!

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