Photo Journaling: Snow Daze

Lyn Worthen, Senior Editor

It’s winter, and where I live, that means snow and lots of it. After one particularly heavy snowstorm, that dumped a ton of the lovely, fluffy stuff — perfect for skiing but not so much fun to drive through — I decided it was time to capture the moment in pictures, to prove that I wasn’t exaggerating about just how much of the fluffy white stuff was out there, waiting to be shoveled off my sidewalk.

The measuring-stick approach provided “just the facts,” but it just didn’t seem to have the “oomph” of what the depth of powder really implied. It was time for another photo.

I think this one tells a much better story, don’t you? (For reference, the bricks in that planter are each four inches thick… and this part of the sidewalk is in the sun!!)

When you’re snapping photos of events you want to remember, keep in mind the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In among the photos that capture the facts, try to look for opportunities to take photos that will tell the story.

A closing thought on my snowy-day photographs — I may not have as many words for snow as some would say the Eskimos do, but I think it’s just possible that my little dog could share a few thoughts on the subject, were she able to speak.

‘nuff said.

Lyn Worthen, Sr. Editor


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4 Responses to Photo Journaling: Snow Daze

  1. Kymberly Buchanan says:

    What a neat approach! Will be thinking about this…

  2. wow wee that is a lot of snow..but so pretty…

  3. chark says:

    dang! we just got a dusting to the distress of my school-age son!

  4. Carol Lou says:

    Oh! That poor little doggie!

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