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Stacy Croninger - Digital Managing Editor

Good morning!

Scrapbooking offers so many ways to capture the memories. Whether you track your activities daily, monthly, by occasion or another format, there’s no wrong way. Which I LOVE about scrapbooking. We can each embrace this amazing memory capturing hobby the way that works best for our life.

Here are a few of my favorite things to use when scrapbooking.


Scrapbook layout sketches are my go to tool. They take the worry out of designing and let me focus on the fun – picking the products, embellishments, and photos. There are plenty of sketches available on the internet and Creating Keepsakes offers a great resource by providing each issue’s sketches on the web site.

Journaling Cards

Again, there are tons of journaling cards available from manufacturers and as downloads on the internet. Why use a journaling card? They are beautifully designed, support the theme or look of your page, and provide the perfect spot to include your thoughts and memories about the layout. Pinterest is one of my favorite locations for finding downloadable journaling cards. Check out these on the Creating Keepsakes Pinterest board.


Okay, so this isn’t anything fancy, but having a notebook with me in my purse or bag allows me to jot down notes in the moment. I hate to admit this, but my memory isn’t what it used to be so if it isn’t written down it doesn’t happen or likely get remembered. So having a notebook handy is a life saver. And the variety of sizes, covers, and inside pages make note taking fun.

So, those are a few resources I use to keep my scrapbooking on track. What do you use? What process do you have to ensure that your memories are recorded?

Have fun creating!



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One Response to Scrapbook Your Life

  1. Sandra Hartung says:

    I totally agree with you about notebooks. I have them everywhere. You never know where you will be when an idea hits you. Every couple of weeks I gather them all up, tear out the pages and consolidate them all in my oversized Smash Book.

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