Frivolous Friday: Creative Memories and Simple Stories!

Joannie McBride, online editor

It’s Friday, it’s five, and it’s time to give away some free scrapbook product!

This week’s giveaway is full of fun scrapbooking goodness.

One lucky winner will receive Creative Memories Border Maker System along with five of their Border Maker Cartridges (Double Heart Chain, Evergreen, Frame Chain, Scallop Stitch, and You & Me), plus the Simple Stories Generations 12 x 12 Collection kit.

Important contest note: We apologize, but due to increased shipping costs Creating Keepsakes is no longer shipping prizes outside the US. But we definitely don’t want our international winners to walk away empty handed. If your shipping address is outside the US and your comment is selected, you’ll receive a one-year subscription to Creating Keepsakes magazine. If you’re an existing subscriber, your subscription will extend. Thank you for your understanding.

Just leave a comment here by Friday, April 5, 2013 telling us what you love most about scrapbooking.

Congratulations to our winner!

Jessica says: Having a creative outlet and recording memories! Leaving lots of stories for my kids to discover. Thanks for a chance!

Watch for an email in your inbox with instructions on how to redeem your prize.

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182 Responses to Frivolous Friday: Creative Memories and Simple Stories!

  1. Mary McCord says:

    I have been a scrapbook addict now since 2002. I love to scrap special moments as well as everyday moments. My mind goes straight to scrapbooking when I find or see something like a small piece of curly twig, or a cute label off of a piece of clothes, of a coaster from a restaurant. My friends & family don’t even bother to ask questions anymore, they just say “I can;t wait to see how you use that on a scrapbook page!” I was injured in 2002 right after I started to learn to scrap and it has been therapy for me all these years, over 124 albums of all sizes.

  2. ScrapperJanice says:

    I love scrapbooking because there are no rules . . . and everyone does it the way they want to. It’s a great stress reliever to go “be creative”, and you can re-live favorite memories by looking at the completed pages.

  3. Angela Eddings says:

    I love going back to look at old photos and knowing who the people were and what the ocassion was.

  4. Jennifer Carr says:

    I’m a scrapbook addict because I am always looking for ways to create a gift for someone else. I never make anything for myself. I love the variety of supplies and ideas available to make those gifts.

  5. Amy Bennett says:

    I have enjoyed scrapbooking ever since my first grandchild was on his way. I love having the journaling along with the pictures so that future generations will know what our life was all about. I also love the creative outlet that scrapbooking gives me. It’s fun!

  6. calamityjane says:

    Scrapbooks are my way of preserving my parents/grandparents’ lives for my granddaughters. It’s also my way of telling/showing them to express yourself in whatever way you can creatively. Plus I love all the pretty papers, inks, punches, ribbons, etc.

  7. Kirsten says:

    I love preserving my memories.

  8. Marnee W. says:

    I love the creative process, the fun supplies and all of the beautiful papers. My stash keeps growing!

  9. Sandy H. says:

    I love working with the colors and patterns on the papers to create something unique and memorable. Creating for others and experiencing their appreciation is so rewarding. I love trying out all the different techniques to manipulate a flat medium into something textured and outstanding. It is good for the soul to create.

  10. Lauralee L. says:

    I love that you can do almost anything in scrapbooking and use any medium you want, layering, endless possibilities of creativity on a page, making it so much fun to simply be inspired by whatever captures you in that moment.

  11. Tracy says:

    I love being creative and preserving memories.

  12. Sandy G. says:

    As you can see from my e-mail address I love crafts. I have been crafting as long as I can remember. People are always saying “Give Sandy a bag of junk and she will make something really nice out of it!”. So when I started scrapbooking I use all kinds of things on my pages . It is so much fun see the final results. I’m working on scrapbooks for my two grandsons. I’m making each of them a scrabbook for each year of school. They don’t know I’m doing this but I’m sure they will love them ! Their Mom is a scrapbooker also so they are always getting pictures taken. Thanks for Club CK!!!!

  13. BrendaLea says:

    I love scrap booking because it is not only a creative outlet for me, but a wonderful way to chronicle out lives for my two Grandsons. I have been scrap booking for about h5 years now and I have albums made just for my Grandsons for when they get old enough to enjoy them. I will continue adding to them or making successive books for them. I have also used scrap booking to make gifts for family and friends.l

  14. SarahN says:

    I like preserving memories. I wish I had scrapbooks from my grandparents & great-grandparents lives to look at. That would be cool!

  15. Mel H says:

    I love reliving great memories and telling the important stories.

  16. Mary says:

    I love scrapbooking because it gives me a record of my grandchildren’s progress, growth and accomplishments. I love to scrapbook the funny little sayings and amusing things they do that memory will somehow erase!

  17. Beth says:

    I love the opportunity to be creative in preserving memories. It is fun to relive events and moments as I decide what colors, techniques and mediums to use to hopefully tell a story. Scrapbooking is the best hobby I have ever had!

  18. Dee Borrelli says:

    I have been addicted to scrapbooking ever since I had postpartum depression after delivering my baby 14 years ago. My friend Hope invited me to come to “Hope’s Scrappin’ Table” and see what scrapbooking was all about. The friendships and support I gained there helped to draw me out of the depression. And I ended up with a lifelong love of scrapbooking. Now whenever I scrapbook it is like I am surrounded by my friends.

  19. Michele Byars says:

    What I love most about scrapbooking is sharing my childhood memories with my kids. They love looking back through my Mom’s old scrapbooks and seeing me when I was younger. It has also helped me tremendously in dealing with my 2 1/2 year old son’s recent diagnosis of epilepsy. It’s been a huge help to be able to journal and scrap the office visits, hospitals, and doctor’s suggestions in one binder. It’s been an uphill battle but having a scrapbook journal has helped me out amazingly!

  20. Suzie says:

    Love being able to show your artistic side and documenting the memories. Also being able to make lots of friends.

  21. Melinda Wilson says:

    I love to look back at all the awesome events and everyday happenings of my children.

  22. Tess says:

    What I love most about scrapbooking – is the undeniable proof that these events really happened and gets to be relived each time we look at it. I also love discovering what is really important through the pictures we take , which are linked together by scrapping.

  23. BB says:

    i love the way scrapbooking tells my stories … the fun of creating a colorful flow with awsome patterned papers, and the many ways to embelish an event or everyday moment with stickers, stamps and die cuts to make it bigger than life (even more memorable).

  24. Eleanor Downing says:

    Scrapbooking is such an amazing creative outlet. I love to create albums so that my children and I can relive happy memories over and over. My children love to look at their albums and read the stories from when they were babies. And looking at past events makes me appreciate our friends and family and the great times we’ve had.

  25. Debbie Delcamp says:

    I have just started Scrapbooking and can hardly sleep at night. I have so many pics and stories to tell. A whole new world has just opened up for me :)

  26. Sara Hoefs says:

    I love that I get to feed my creative side while creating family heirloms, and helping to build my children’s self esteem by honoring photos of them.

  27. Sue says:

    I love scrapbooking because it is memories that will last past me!!!

  28. Sarah R says:

    I love scrapbooking both for the creative outlet and also to save those special moments and everyday highlights for the future of my children and grandchildren, Sarah

  29. TinaBruderer says:

    i loove how with cm you can combine traditional and digital projects its awesome

  30. Suzanne Picott says:

    This is the best way I have found to let my family members really get to know each other. We preserve the past, by preserving those memories, as well as the present for future memories.

  31. Leeann Reider says:

    BABY G?
    those were the cluse, not sure if i followed the links correctly.

  32. Lori A. Geise says:

    Wow. I love scrapbooking supplies and free supplies are even better. I love Creating Keepsakes magazine. I just signed up for your digital version.

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