St. Patrick’s Day Inspiration: Deena Boese

Contributing Writer, Deena Boese

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! I don’t know about you but this little holiday seems to slip by me each year (realizing my absent mindedness only after someone pinches me and receives a very confused look)! So I hereby declare this year to be different! Not only will I prepare my home and plan surprises for the kids; I will do so using only what is in my scrapbook stash or lying around the house to create a memorable (and free) holiday for my family. How’s that for a declaration?!

So in honor of all of us last minute “Patty’s Dayers”, I thought I’d share a few quick and easy, yet adorable, décor ideas for your home.

Have an empty frame lying around? Print this cute subway art and hang for instant Irish influence!

Create this adorable banner using leftover scraps you have lying around!

Dig out those ugly flower vases from under the sink, grab a bottom of acrylic paint from your scrapbook room and create these gorgeous art pieces.

Have leftover ribbon scraps? Combine them to create this pretty wreath for your wall or front door. This would also be fabulous using rolled patterned paper scraps!

And this has nothing to do with your scrapbook stash, but I thought it was too cute NOT to share. What child wouldn’t get a kick out of this?!?

To help you celebrate, I also created this St. Patrick’s Day ribbon you can download for free, print and wear on Sunday to give you the luck o’ the Irish. (Well, no guarantees – but hey, at least you won’t get pinched!)

Or print multiples and create a quick and easy banner like this one to hang on your door or mantle.

Are you getting excited about St. Patty’s Day yet? I know I am! Hope you have fun digging through your scrapbook stash to see what adorable (and free) décor items you can create for your home this weekend!

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4 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day Inspiration: Deena Boese

  1. Shirley Tucker says:

    could not open the download for the “Kiss Me I’m Irish” Ribbon….would love to download it…can it be fixed?

  2. Silvia Diaz says:

    Couldn’t open either

  3. creatingkeepsakes says:


    The link now works. Sorry about that!
    Digital Managing Editor

  4. Judy B says:

    Thanks for some really awesome St. Patty’s day ideas!!!

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