Scrapbook How To: Create Fabric Flowers

Joannie McBride, online editor

Gather a bouquet of blooms for your scrapbook layout by creating a variety of handmade fabric flower accents and combining them into a single, striking border. Two types of handmade fabric flowers work beautifully for this type of border: gathered flowers and rolled flowers. You can make these flowers from any fabric of your choice, though sturdier fabric, such as felt, works best for the gathered flowers.

Springtime at Descanso by Lisa VanderVeen, as seen in Scrapbooking Ideas for Every Season, page 57.

How to Create a Rolled Flower

Step 1

Cover cardstock circle with liquid adhesive or apply a jumbo adhesive dot. Adhere end of fabric strip to center.


Step 2

Twist fabric in tight spiral pattern as you adhere to circle. Tuck in end.

How to Create a Gathered Flower

Step 1

Cut circle from fabric, and cut slits in circle to create petals.


Step 2

Apply liquid adhesive or hot glue to center of circle, and gather flower petals toward center. Hold until petals are secure.

Check out Scrapbooking Ideas for Every Season to learn how to assemble a border using your handmade flowers. And be sure to check out all of our scrapbook how-to’s at

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3 Responses to Scrapbook How To: Create Fabric Flowers

  1. Brenda B. says:

    Fantastic tutorial!

  2. Judie Eaves says:

    Would be more helpful if a colored fabric was used in the Rolled Flower tutorial so it contrasted with the white cardstock. Otherwise, thanks for showing this!

  3. Katie B. says:

    Love this layout!! The flowers in the photos and the handmade flowers are both beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

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