The Love of Scrapbook Learnin’

Stacy Croninger - Digital Managing Editor

Hi friends!

Isn’t it fun to learn new things that you can apply to your scrapbook layouts? I love it! So where can you find these great learning opportunities? From Creating Keepsakes‘ web site. Let me show you around.

Videos from the Experts

Most of us would love to have someone sitting beside us while we create. Unfortunately, that isn’t likely, but you can get the same feeling with videos. Creating Keepsakes has several videos available show creative ways for enhancing your layouts. Like this one from Megan Hoeppner – How to Create Glittered Labels. Check out all the options here.

How To

What’s on your how to list? The Creating Keepsakes‘ web site has basic information in the Getting Started section from ink types and why you need them to a DSLR lens guide.

Wrap a letter with fiber for a quick handmade touch.


In the Tips & Techniques area you’ll find 10 minute tricks for stitching (I’m all about quick sewing, if I have to sew) as well as tips for scanning memorabilia.

Capturing the photo is as much fun as the end result with this trick.

I know I’m always working on my photography and I love perusing the tips in the Photo Tips section. For example, camera phone photos you’ll love – who doesn’t want that handy camera to work for us? Or this cool photo trick – frame your subjects using flashlights. Brilliant!

Create a custom chevron pattern for your next layout.

The last How To section targets the digital scrapbooker. Whether you’re just starting or well on your way, you’ll find a few tips to add to your arsenal. For example, how to digitally create chevron patterned paper. It makes the perfect background for a digital layout or printed for a traditional page.


There you have it – an plethora of tips, tricks, and learning opportunities to enhance your scrapbooking knowledge. Personally, I loved creating the chevron patterned paper for a quote I made for a friend’s gift. Which is your favorite? Leave me a comment – I love reading what you enjoy.

Have fun creating!

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3 Responses to The Love of Scrapbook Learnin’

  1. Chris Cross says:

    I have a fairly new DSLR camera I’m still trying to figure out. Love the photo tips!!!

  2. Annie S. says:

    Oh, I love that layout! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Carrie says:

    Loving that photo technique!

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