They Grow so Fast!

Kerri Miller, Managing Editor

Baby pictures have come a long way in the past 14 years. When my daughter was a baby, I got some cute photos of her but I never thought to plan out a month by month growth picture plan. With Pinterest on the rise, I’m starting to find tons of fun, clever ideas that I wish I had known when my daughter was a baby. It almost makes me want to have another baby . . . almost. On second thought, I’ll just admire these beauties from a far.

I really like this idea of journaling about your child – age, likes, dislikes – right on the picture. This one could easily be reproduced after they are older if you can remember the information.  And this is definitely something you can start at any age.

Photo credit: via Pinterest

There are several fun ideas found in our recent Mar/Apr issue in the “Worth a Thousand Words” feature.  For instance, Amy Mallory used the same chair to photograph her son as a baby and later at 12 months.  This is not so time intensive in that you can take a picture once a year. Hopefully she will carry on the chair tradition as her son grows older.

I’ve also recently been seeing time lapse videos being made of children growing from baby to teen. This project would take a lot of dedication and time but the end result is fantastic.

These new photo journaling ideas are definitely on the cutting edge of scrapbooking. It’s great to see how creative people are getting with technology and documenting their baby’s growth.

You kids grow so fast! No matter what you decide to do to document their growth, make sure you get everything down before you find yourself like me looking back and wondering what happened to the last ten years!

Happy Scrapping,



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One Response to They Grow so Fast!

  1. Barbara MacAskill says:

    I love this idea! Quick and easy but, as the child grows, it speaks volumes!

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