Creating Keepsakes’ Team Share Their Thoughts on the Digital Issue

Stacy Croninger - Digital Managing Editor

Hi friends!

Have you had a chance to read the May/June Creating Keepsakes digital issue? What have you enjoyed the most? If you haven’t taken advantage you should – it is FREE as part of your print subscription. But I digress. I wanted to see what other people liked so I asked the Creating Keepsakes team. Here’s their responses.

Sandy shared this: “My favorite feature looking through Creating Keepsakes Magazine digitally is the linking aspect. I can go to websites to learn about about so many different products quickly without having to remember the web address, Google search, or type in the address. It’s pretty seamless. Also, the more I explore the settings, I am finding I can turn off settings and customize how I like to look through it.”

Next up is Neko with this: “I love how easy it is to register to win prizes and get downloads, (e.g. the Beautiful Blooms sweepstakes page.) So many pretty downloads and amazing prizes in each magazine issue!”

Active links are highlighted in yellow. Click it to go to the web site.

Joannie’s feedback was: “I love how gorgeous the layouts look in the digital issue. So clear and vibrant, and you can actually read the journaling!”

Natalie’s comment was: “Everyone loves reading a print copy of a magazine, but I think it’s fair to say that when there are links to videos or tutorials it can be a pain to stop what you are doing and follow that link on your computer or smart device. The digital issue of our magazine lets you easily click between links while reading your favorite feature!”

And Megan shared this: “When it comes to our digital issue, a feature I fancy is the ability to increase my page size and zoom in on the layouts. I’m always interested in how our incredibly talented contributors do the things they do on their pages. This level of detail is helpful when I want to better understand a technique or get a closer look at the journaling. Borrowing a phrase from Mazda, I’m all about the zoom zoom!”

Kerri’s love: “I love that I can easily download the magazine to my iPad at any time during the day. It’s with me whenever I have a free moment during the day to check out the fun inspiration.”

Download the free iOS app to read your digital issue.

Jennifer’s favorite is: “I love that I can have an entire year of issues (and then some) available via the free app on my iPad.”

And mine? Well I’m with Joannie – I love how beautiful the layouts are online. But I also love that I have so many options for finding inspiration. If I’m creating at home, I grab my iPad and bring up the layout in my digital issue for reference. When I need to enjoy the feel of paper, my print issue is waiting and ready, but I really don’t refer to it as much as the digital issue. And at work, I flip through the pages of the digital issue on my computer. I love that I’m not limited to one way to read and gain inspiration.

So I have a challenge for you – try the digital issue. There’s so much content, it’s beautiful, and it’s FREE with your print subscription. If you don’t have a print subscription, you can buy a digital subscription or one issue. If you have problems accessing the digital issue, I’m here for you – email me at

Have fun reading your digital issue!

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5 Responses to Creating Keepsakes’ Team Share Their Thoughts on the Digital Issue

  1. Deb K says:

    Again I say, I am waiting patiently for an app for my Kindle tablet. Not EVERYONE is IPad connected.

  2. I used to have an iPad and subscribed to the digital edition. Then I changed to the Galaxy II and gave my iPad away. Lo and behold, I lost all of my digital editions (and my money to boot), and now I have no way to get the magazine anymore. That’s too bad because I love this magazine, but I don’t subscribe to paper mags anymore.

  3. creatingkeepsakes says:

    Hi Deb,
    Until there is an app for your Kindle, you can download the PDF to your Kindle and read it that way.

    Hi Crafting Marfa,
    You should still have access to the issues if you go to a computer and then go to this link: and then login. It will display this issue but you can click on the Options icon in the upper right and go to Archives to see your back issues. I recommend downloading the PDF to your computer so you have it for reference later.

    Hope that helps!
    Digital Managing Editor

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  5. Jannifer Smith says:

    I subscribe through Amazon and am not figuring out how to get connected with the digital edition. What do I need to do??

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