Titillating Titles

Kerri Miller, Managing Editor

One of my favorite things to look at on a layout is the title. I often find myself flipping through the finished Creating Keepsakes magazine drawn to what people do with their titles. I might be a bit of a font junkie too. There are so many fun and unique ideas using everything from alphabet stickers to die cuts to pre-printed titles. Every issue of Creating Keepsakes is chalk full of fun and clever ideas and Scrapbooking Boys and Men (on sale this week) is no exception.

Digitally, there are tons of fun options for creating your own unique titling. One of my favorites from the magazine is found on page 26. Deena Boese’s What a Punk [Rocker] layout does a fantastic job of using the title as center stage for her layout. The font is simple, but her coloring, overlapping, and tilting of the letters makes this page rock my world.

What a Punk [Rocker] by Deena Boese, as seen in the Scrapbooking Boys & Men special issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

In traditional scrapbooking, you’ll typically see lots of types of letter stickers used for titles since this is the quickest and easiest way to create a title. And I have to say that it’s hard not to use stickers with all of the fun alphabet products available. But the two traditional layouts that stuck out to me in the Boys and Men issue went beyond the stickers to create their unique titles.

On page 67, Andrea Friebus’ 21st Century Digital Boy layout makes use of alphabet stickers as a mask for her spray misted title. I also love how she incorporated a bunch of different types of sticker fonts in her title.

I’m a 21st Century Digital Boy by Andrea Friebus, as seen in the Scrapbooking Boys & Men special issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

The other layout that stood out to me was on page 93. Mou Saha’s Personality layout is so fun with the handwritten title. I imagine you’d have to have a very steady hand to get the title right the first time. I would definitely try to pencil it out first prior to using the watercolor brush.  I’m sure Mou was a pro and got it done perfectly the first time around. (That’s what I want to believe anyway. Don’t ruin the dream!)

Personality by Mou Saha, as seen in the Scrapbooking Boys & Men special issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

I’m curious, what’s your favorite go-to technique for creating titles? I’d love to hear. Leave a comment here by Friday, May 10, 2013 for a chance to win an assortment of letter stickers to use on your scrapbook pages!

From your font fanatic,





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43 Responses to Titillating Titles

  1. Gabriella says:

    Oh my goodness can’t wait to buy the new special issue.

  2. Archie says:

    I like the way titles have been made in the above layouts…I have mostly used alphabet stickers on my layouts..

  3. Emily Todd says:

    This issue is a must have!

  4. Angela A says:

    I love using big and little letters together on a title! Thanks for your great ideas too!

  5. RamonaP says:

    I use the alphabet stickers for most titles, but I love that mask treatment. I will definitely have to try that.

  6. Debbie C says:

    My go to for titles is usually stickers but sometimes I make my own with my cricut machine and xyron!

  7. ScrapJAG says:

    Aaaaghhhh! (LOL) I don’t have a “go-to” technique for titles! Guess I need to find one. Thanks for the chance!

  8. Mel H says:

    Thickers…they never let me down. But if they do, I break out the Silhouette.

  9. Nancy L. says:

    great idea for the title!

  10. Jill Rugg says:

    My go to for titles is my cricut-love the new magazine!

  11. jengd says:

    I generally stick (har har) to Thickers these days. They’re usually about the right size for my titles and with the range of colors and textures, there’s always at least one pack that will work.

  12. Katie B says:

    favorite way to do titles since getting my silhouette is to electronically cut them before that I was stamping or hand cutting. I am so excited about this issue. As the mother of a boy and an assistant cub master my whole world is filled with boys.

  13. Karen Lingel says:

    I love fonts too, and I cut titles using my Silhouette Cameo. I also like glittery Thickers. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  14. LinhC says:

    I am using my Heidi Swapp foam alphabet stamp set for my titles. I pulled out this oldie-but-goodie stamp set when I had to make 12 sets of layouts and didn’t want to purchase letter stickers nor pull out the Silhouette machine to cut out the titles and then adhere each letter to the layouts. Loved the foam stamps – easy to use and clean!

  15. tape says:

    Thickers! And fonts for my digital layouts.

  16. I remember getting free fonts with my Creating Keepsakes subscriptions :) These days I tend to use alphabet stickers. It’s just so quick and easy that way.

  17. Robin Buchholz says:

    I like to use stickers or stamps for my titles. I would love to read the new issue for scrapbooking masculine layouts!

  18. Sheri K says:

    I like to make letter die cuts with my electronic die cut machine–I also like to take “title” photo’s–like with the sign indicating where the place is, as part of my page.

  19. Janis says:

    I am new to this site and love the ideas.

    I do a lot of card-making…. so I use some pre-cut letters, but mostly I use metallic gel markers for instant zing! I need to experiment around with letter stickers and such. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. Carol B says:

    Love these title ideas! I have Cricut that I often use for making titles, but more often than not I use letter stickers because it is so fast and fun.

    Carol B

  21. I like large chipboard alphabet sets – the plain ones that I can colour myself. Some samples can be found on my blog: http://www.craftyviolet.blogspot.ca and look under “Labels” for scrapbooking layouts.

  22. Donna Money says:

    One of my favorite ways to get a Title is remembering something that was said by the guy whose picture is on the page.

  23. Jenny McGee says:

    You can never have enough letter stickers, especially for titles.

  24. LCJinRoslyn PA says:

    I am a font junkie too — and tend to use my computer for titles and journaling. Otherwise – usually sticker alphas, so I would love to add to my stash. Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Mai says:

    Love thickers! Super easy but makes a bold statement!

  26. Katie B. says:

    I don’t know if I have a favorite way…I have used letter stickers big and small and have written the title…although not as beautiful as Mou’s page, ha! Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  27. Tracy says:

    Alpha stickers or my Slice.

  28. sandi schultz says:

    Favorites are Silhouette, clear stamps and stickers.

  29. Sharilyn Plascott says:

    I am all over the place, using stickets and I love CTMH stamps. Have never had the courage to try freehanding it, but the one above is gorgeous!

  30. {vicki} says:

    QUOTES are my go too!~

  31. Pamela J says:

    my titles are usually stickers but i’ve begun using Project Life cards, too

  32. Jane H says:

    I’m a Thickers girl but also like combining these with smaller letter stickers.

  33. Stephanie says:

    I must find this issue! I have two males in my scrapbooks and I run out of ideas. The stickers would be great.

  34. Donna Sue says:

    I use mostly stickers or fonts I have saved on my computer. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  35. Cheryl Freet says:

    The new magazine looks great… can’t wait! Love Andrea’s layout!

  36. C Davis says:

    Looks like a great issue! I definitely need some inspiration when it comes to being creative with titles.

  37. Using 2 or more letter sticker types.

  38. Beatrice Lawson says:

    I use my Cricut a lot… and Thickers. These are the two main title sources for me.

  39. Angel S. says:

    I like to mix and match. I always look to CK or other sites for ideas.

  40. Carmen says:

    I haven’t done much scrapbooking and always struggle with titles. Interesting reading the comments from others!

  41. Linda E says:

    I am a Thickers addict! Can’t have too many of them to create my titles!

  42. Lynda says:

    Andrea’s use of letter stickers for masking is the perfect way to use up leftover letters! So glad I found this idea!

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