Scrapbook How To: Offset Your Title

Dream Team Member, Jana Morton

Hello.  This is Jana.  After many years as a traditional scrapbooker, I started dabbling in the digital world by creating my own titles on the computer.  There are so many fun effects that can be created in Photoshop or Elements in a few simple steps.


Today I am here to show you a quick title technique that I love to use.  It can be found on the page below.

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If you look closely at the word “Memories”, you will see that the title is offset.  I used the text tool and a stroke technique that I am excited to share with you.

Follow these steps to achieve a similar look with your next title.

1. Select your title color and use the text tool to type your title using a thick font (I used Impact).

2. With your title layer active in the layers palette, activate the marching ants (left click + Command (Mac)/Control (PC)).  Create a new layer above the title by clicking on the new layer icon on your layers palette.

3. With the new layer active in the layers palette, go to the top menu bar “Edit”,  and “Stroke”.  Select your color for the stroke and set your width at 4 pixels (or desired thickness).  Once the stroke appears around your letters, deactivate the marching ants (Command (Mac)/ Control (PC) + D).

4. Use the move arrows on your keyboard to bump the stroke layer slightly to the side and up.

I really enjoy using this title technique and I hope you do as well.  You can download the template for this page here.  I would love to see the pages that you create with this template and title technique.  Happy Creating!

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4 Responses to Scrapbook How To: Offset Your Title

  1. Susan Dingess says:

    Thank you Jana for this great tutorial!

  2. Margaret says:

    Thank-you Jana for sharing this template and tutorial… :)

  3. Cathy Coady says:

    Thanks so much Jana for the tutorial and template. This will certainly “kick start” my summer scrapbooking!

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