Late & Great Update: Close to My Heart

headshot-cameraWIf you follow Close to My Heart closely, you know that just a few short days ago they launched a bunch of brand new delights. It doesn’t get much more Late & Great than this. So happy to give you one of your first looks at these goodies. You can also hop on over to their site and flip through their online catalog to see all of their new pieces. Sweet!

Wait… before you hop off, I have a few of those lovelies right here for you to see and possibly win. That’s right; this awesomeness could be yours! Read on to learn how.

1. In the first box below, you’ll see the new Lagoon Houndstooth Washi Tape (page 121 of their catalog), which is sure to add some chic tape style to your projects. Isn’t the blue color pretty?

2. Next item up for adoring is the wood and metal pieces that make up the Sarita Assortment of embellishments (page 25 of their catalog). Just what you need for adding textured treats to your designs.

CTMH Products3. In the photo above, you’ll find the new My Crush Modville Book (page 64 of their catalog), which I’m definitely crushing on. It makes quick summertime (or any time) scrap journaling fun and full of flavor.

4. Finally, take a look at just of the few pieces included in the My Crush Besties Assortment (page 65 of their catalog). After all, what would the lovely journal be without its besties? There are so many doodads in this set that will take you far in your scrapbooking.


Want to win this delicious prize package? Entering doesn’t take long. Simply open up the comments section of this post and leave me a little greeting. I always love hearing from you, and it’s extra fun when I can then randomly select one of those greetings to win.

Speaking of winners, I’m happy to announce that Amanda S. is the winner of our last post. Unfortunately, I was home with a sick baby last week, which meant no update, so Amanda is the winner of our post from two weeks ago, which featured the awesome kraft products from BoBunny. Congratulations!



See you all again next week. Until then, enjoy the season!

Megan Hoeppner, creative editor

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453 Responses to Late & Great Update: Close to My Heart

  1. Tracie says:

    How do we know who won??

  2. Jeanie Wilcox says:

    CTMH has the best scrapping options – and just keeps getting better! Send these goodies my way!

  3. Nancy Giddings says:

    I love, love , love CTMH. I just became a consultant a few weeks ago, found your site, I am now happy, happy, happy:)

    I check in to view all the goodies!

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