Pinterest Inspiration: Vintage Keys!

Elizabeth Gilliland, Editor

Elizabeth Gilliland, Editor

I love keys! There’s something so magical about them. Nothing spurs my imagination more than finding a bunch of fun antiques with nifty designs—but what are you supposed to do with them afterward? Here are just a few ideas:

1. If the shape of the key is interesting but the metal is worn and rusty, clean it off by soaking it in a bowl of vinegar. Amp up the charm by spray inking with metallic gold, silver, or bronze. Then finish off with a simple ribbon bow.

worn(Image courtesy of Pinterest)

2. If you like antique-looking keys, don’t worry about paint or polish; instead, embrace the rustic by displaying them in a worn case (the bottom half of a toolbox, cigar box, or jewelry box will do just fine). Line the bottom with a faded piece of sheet music or book page, then dress it up with a few small accents.

antique(Image courtesy of Pinterest)

3. Instead of decorating with the keys, decorate the keys themselves! Find small metallic accents (or spray ink accents with metallic colors) then fasten with an adhesive.

metallic(Image courtesy of Pinterest)

Looks like I have some more shopping to do!

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  1. Tonya says:


  2. Beth W says:

    Love the idea of dressing up the keys.I have quite a stash of them-I’m going to go play!

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