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Dream Team Member, Jing-Jing Nickel

Fourteen years ago, I started scrapbooking because it appealed to the traveler in me.  Even in those ancient days of film, I took hundreds of photos on a trip.  After having them all printed, I would work copiously for a few weeks and all my photos would be nicely collected in a scrapbook, complete with journaling and memorabilia.  The last scrapbook I completed of a trip was from 2006, so I really need to do something differently if I am to once again have complete albums for my travels!

For our summer trip this year, I have decided to prepare a travel journal to bring with me.  I always take daily notes when I am on a trip, this time I will write it directly into a notebook that I hope will turn into a completed album.

Alaskan Cruise scrap journal by Jing-Jing Nickel.

I chose Fancy Pants’ Artist Edition Spiral Brag book for my album for the following reasons:

  • This book has 12 sections.  It is perfect for 12 months of the year, or in my case, a 10 day vacation plus a couple of extra sections.
  • Each section has 5 sheets + 1 pocket page + 1 acetate page that can fit 4 4×6 photos.  I can add to the pages be adding an accordion or more pockets onto the pages.  I can also subtract pages by removing them from the spiral bound.
  • The sheets are lined on one side (perfect for journaling) and blank on the other side (perfect for more creative layouts or just photos).

I admit that staring at a blank book without a lot of actual trip materials makes it a daunting task.  It is important to get a few page started to provide some structure. Mostly, I plan to write my journaling, leave plenty of space for photos.  I will bring a few throw away photos of various sizes and put them on the page and journal around it to save space for the photos.

My other grand idea is to make a travel journal for each of my children, but let’s be real! I will plan a kid’s corner in every section where they can write a few lines and draw a picture or two of what is memorable to them :)

When I return from our family trip, I will share more inside pages and hopefully they won’t be quite so bland and boring by then!

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5 Responses to Scrap Journal Inspiration

  1. Atticelf says:

    Great idea to have the bones of your journal started before you leave. Enjoy your cruise!

  2. I agree, getting things set up before going is an awesome idea and I would probably do that, just hadn’t thought about it. The book is super cute!

  3. Kathy Beyea says:

    What a great idea about the “throw away photos” to journal around!!! I couldn’t imagine how you would be able to add photos to a journal after the fact. You have given me inspiration to actually finally do this.

  4. Migdalia R. says:

    Always do this so I didn’t forget what I do and where.

  5. gretchen says:

    love this Jing-Jing! have fun on your trip!

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