Inspiration from the Decades

Each decade has certain colors, icons, and memories attached to it whether you were alive then or just heard stories and saw photos. When scrapbooking, looking at colors and icons from the decades provides great inspiration. Think of the 60’s when the colors leaned towards avocado green, burnt orange, golden yellow, and rich brown. You can picture it in your mind, can’t you?

In the Creating Keepsakes September/October 2013 issue, Kim Watson created her layout, In Tune, from inspiration found in the 80’s. Here’s the images she used for inspiration:



Here is the layout Kim created:

In Tune by Kim Watson from Creating Keepsakes September/October 2013

In Tune by Kim Watson from Creating Keepsakes September/October 2013

Notice how she pulled colors from the Party image and the drippy splatters from the OldSchool Boom Box image. Even though the inspiration is from the 1980s the photos don’t need to be. Kim used current photos for this playful and bold layout.

Your turn! Find an icon or color combo from a decade and use it as inspiration for your next scrapbook page.

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