Creating Layouts with Lots of Photos

Autumn Baldwin, CK Dream Team member

Autumn Baldwin, CK Dream Team member

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means family and food and LOTS of photos, right? There are so many photo opportunities in the coming weeks: family get-togethers, Christmas concerts, decorations, presents, New Year’s Eve, etc. All these photos can lead to a serious scrapbooking back log. The best way to take care of that? Multi-photo layouts. Today I’m sharing five ways to fit lots of photos on each layout.

1. Use a grid. Breaking up your layout into a grid is a great way to fit lots of same-size photos, and it makes it easy to decide on placement. Since this layout is only 1 page there are 3 photos on it, but it could easily pair with a second page that is full of 9 more photos in a grid.


2. Use small frames. Enlarge one stand-out photo, then shrink the rest down and place them in cardstock frames. This allows for lots of pictures but still looks tidy.


3. Use a photo strip. When you have a series of photos you’d like to showcase, shrink them down and stack them on top of each other, mimicking a photo strip. You’ll still have room for lots of other photos as well.


4. Use a photo block. Using multiple photos can make a layout feel busy, crowded, and accidental. To ensure the design feels intentional, group photos, papers, and embellishments into a photo block, leaving white space around it.


5. Use photos to create a background for other elements. Too many photos often leave you with no room for a title or journaling. To solve this problem, simply layer text directly over photos, either in a photo editing program or by printing text on a transparency.


I hope you all have a great holiday – and take lots of fantastic photos!


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  1. Great ideas for awesome layout of pictures!

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