Scrapbook How To: Shrink Plastic

Shrink plastic is as fun to make accents with as it is to use on scrapbook pages. This timeless product creates DIY acrylic embellishments you can customize for each layout. Use these steps and tips plus a few tools and products you have on hand to add shrink plastic to your next layout.

Stacy Cohen created her Little Miss Sunshine layout for the September 2011 issue that included bright spots of acrylic accents from shrink plastic.

Little Miss Sunshine by Stacy Cohen from Creating Keepsakes September 2011

Try It!

1. Punch several shapes out of shrink plastic.

2. Color punched shapes using pigment ink, chalk, or pens.

3. Bake according to manufacturer’s instructions.


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2 Responses to Scrapbook How To: Shrink Plastic

  1. SandyP says:

    Neat idea…I’ve never used chalk on shrink plastic.

  2. Jenny Lapke says:

    You can also shrink the plastic using a heat gun!

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